Connecting with a recruiter at a career fair is a bit like a brief interview. Be prepared to concisely tell a story about yourself and articulate your values, skills, interests, abilities, long term plans, and why you would be a good fit for the company. Prepare and rehearse a 1-2 minute introduction of the skills and talents that set you apart from others. Know how to answer employer questions and what questions to ask by:

Dress for Success

Dress for success to make a lasting impression. Wear a professional and presentable outfit. Your attire and personal presentation enhances your confidence. You do not need to wear a suit, but if you are close to graduation, it may be a good idea. It's better to be dressed overly professional than casual. For quick tips, watch our Dress for Success video.

Set up your space and equipment

Log in from a quiet, distraction-free environment, with reliable internet connectivity. Make sure you have a clean and organized background with no/minimal background noise. Position the camera at eye level and look into the camera to simulate eye contact. If possible, use a desktop/laptop on a stable surface; don’t use a handheld device.

Learn how to use the Handshake fair platform and test your technology before joining the employer sessions.

NOTE: Handshake's video platform does NOT allow virtual backgrounds.