Make an Impression at the Fair


Connecting with a recruiter at a career fair is a bit like a brief interview. Be prepared to concisely tell a story about yourself and articulate your values, skills, interests, abilities, long term plans, and why you would be a good fit for the company. Prepare and rehearse a 1-2 minute introduction of the skills and talents that set you apart from others. Know how to answer employer questions and what questions to ask by:

Dress for Success

Dress for success to make a lasting impression. Wear a professional and presentable outfit. Your attire and personal presentation enhances your confidence. You do not need to wear a suit, but if you are close to graduation, it may be a good idea. It's better to be dressed overly professional than casual. For quick tips, watch our Dress for Success video.

Connecting with Employers at Virtual Fairs

Virtual career fairs on Handshake give you the opportunity to meet recruiters and other employees through video sessions. You’ll learn more about employers hiring at UC Davis and connect with companies that will want to hire you.

Attending video sessions, instead of an in-person fair, means there is no waiting in line to talk to recruiters. When you register for a virtual career fair on Handshake, you sign up for specific session times—securing your spot to meet with the employers you’re interested in.

There are two types of virtual fair sessions:

Group Session (General Interest): Sign up for a group session to hear about job and internship opportunities along with your peers. These sessions are great to learn about the company if you have not heard about the company before and/or you have a general question you’d like to ask a recruiter in a group setting. Keep in mind the size of the group may vary and some groups may be fairly small and can be as large as 50 or more people.  Group sessions are conducted on Handshake or an employer may post a link to another platform such as Zoom.   

One on One Session (In-Depth Interest) : Sign up for a 10 minute one on one session to meet with employers about internships and job opportunities. These sessions are ideal to have a conversation with a recruiter about your background and experience along with interest in the company. If you have a unique experience, unusual circumstances, or want to discuss with a recruiter in-depth, use this method to connect with a recruiter. Many employers will have their cameras on for a one on one session and you are encouraged to be ready to turn your camera on as well.

It is strongly encouraged that you ONLY sign up for a one-on-one session if you are confident you will attend.

Set up your space and equipment

Log in from a quiet, distraction-free environment, with reliable internet connectivity. Make sure you have a clean and organized background with no/minimal background noise. Position the camera at eye level and look into the camera to simulate eye contact. If possible, use a desktop/laptop on a stable surface; don’t use a handheld device.

Learn how to use the Handshake fair platform and test your technology before joining the employer sessions.

NOTE: Handshake's video platform does NOT allow virtual backgrounds.