Before you can start applying to jobs and internships, examine your interests and explore all of the work opportunities that align with those interests. Career planning is a lifelong process, and it is never too early to start.

Get Started

If you are just starting to consider your career options, having the right information can help you make better decisions. Learn about strategies and resources to begin your career research, and explore by:

  • Your major or area of study
    Even though your major does not determine your exact career path, this can be a great starting point when you are unsure what jobs relate to your undergraduate major.
  • Occupation interest area
    Expand your search beyond just your major and explore job titles, career options, campus organizations and professional associations by approximately 20 occupation areas.

Focus Your Options

After you have researched potential careers by your major or interest area, it is time to focus your career options. Get information about networking opportunities, potential employers, and ways to find job and internship opportunities.