Get Experience - Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research can provide valuable experience, is useful to all majors (including humanities, arts, and social science majors) and will enhance your resume and assist you in future job searches.

To find a research opportunity:

  • Check out Handshake
  • Visit the Undergraduate Research Center
  • Develop professional relationships with professors/researchers that can offer valuable knowledge, guidance, references and letters of recommendations for your future career positions.

What is a Research Internship?

Research internships, in all majors, provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge from the classroom to real world, professional environments. Internships can be advertised or you can develop your own internship opportunity. UC Davis students participate in basic and applied research with faculty on campus, at the UC Davis Health System and in local businesses and non-profits. Typical research internships are 10-12 hours a week, with a multiple quarter commitment. They may be volunteer or paid. Research internships usually qualify for transcript notation. During the summer, many full-time research internships are available.

Be clear about the expectations you have for gaining experience through an internship, as well as the expectations of your supervisor or employer. Entry-level research internships might involve performing mundane tasks, but have the opportunity to evolve into a role with more responsibility. Some possible tasks a research intern might do are:

  • entering and analyzing data
  • conducting and transcribing interviews
  • interacting with research subjects
  • sterilizing lab equipment for a lab
  • completing literature reviews
  • recording and observing behaviors
  • performing administrative duties
  • assisting with field work

Find a Research Internship

Laboratory and other research positions can be found on Handshake, on local company websites and by connecting with UC Davis faculty and staff. Review search strategies.

Clinical research opportunities are available on campus and at the UC Davis Health System.

To learn more about additional opportunities or how to develop your own internship, you might meet with an ICC advisor or your college/major advisor.

Where to Develop Research Internships

UC Davis undergraduates have created research internships by connecting with the following: