Community Service Awards

Community Service Award


The Community Service Resource Center invites you to nominate individuals for the annual Community Service Awards!

Throughout the school year, there are many UC Davis students, staff, faculty and student organizations who devote their time to community service and make an effort to improve the communities around them. They perform community service in various fields and help people who are in need. The Community Service Resource Center wants to recognize their dedication to community service by offering them the opportunity to receive a Community Service Award, which publicly acknowledges the work they’ve accomplished in their communities.

Please nominate UC Davis affiliates who contributed their time to community service throughout the year 2020 – 2021.

Nomination for the 2020-2021 year has ended.


Recipients for 2020-2021 Community Service Awards and Civic Engagement Awards have been chosen.

What is community service? Community service is unpaid or voluntary work intended to benefit people, strengthen communities, and positively impact society or its infrastructure. In order to recognize the varied and generous dedication to community service by UC Davis students, staff, faculty, and student organizations, the Community Service Resource Center holds its annual UC Davis Community Service and Civic Engagement Awards. During winter quarter, we open nominations to all UC Davis affiliates and announce the award recipients in the spring. Recipients will receive certificates under different categories based upon dedicated service to others as well as breadth, quality, and time committed to community service. The categories are Outstanding, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Outstanding and Gold Recipients may also be eligible for the UC Davis Civic Engagement Award (additional documents may be required).

Community Service Award Ceremony

UC Davis Civic Engagement Awards

The UC Davis Civic Engagement Awards recognize students and organizations who have demonstrated a substantive and positive community impact through involvement and engagement. Recipients of this award not only excel in the areas of leadership and scholarship, but also seek to apply these abilities in innovative ways to improve the lives of others. Civic Engagement includes a wide range of activities by which students are engaged in service to the campus, local, national and/or international communities. Underlying civic engagement is the assumption that students are developing skills and knowledge to help make meaningful differences in the lives of others and developing a holistic perspective on the interconnectedness between civic engagement and positive societal changes.

There are a total of six civic engagement awards:

  • First Year Award
  • Graduate Student Award
  • Undergraduate Student Award (three individuals awarded)
  • Student Organization Award

Individual award nominees must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA and be in good standing with the university.