Internship and Job Offers

Consider the following guidelines when accepting internship and job offers:

  • Do not accept multiple offers. If you are not interested in a particular offer at all, please let that employer know immediately.
  • Offers may not be negotiable.
  • Carefully consider the job offer. Consult with family or others before your offer expires.
  • Adhere to the agreed timeline for your offer.
  • You may contact the organization for an extension if you need more time. It will be the employer's decision whether to grant your request.
  • Once an offer is accepted, do not continue applying and interviewing for other positions.
  • If you have other pending offers, immediately notify those organizations that you have accepted another position.
  • Do not back out from an offer you have accepted. By not keeping your commitment, you will damage your professional reputation and that of UC Davis.

Adapted from UC Berkeley Career Center.