Get Experience: Part-Time Jobs

Working while in school is a great way to help keep loan debt down and to gain useful real-world work experience. Part-time jobs can be found either on or off campus.

Benefits of a Part-time Job

  • Help fund your education or lifestyle.
  • Develop new skills while refining others.
  • Gain valuable work experience to be competitive in your career and job search.
  • Meet and work with professionals.
  • Experience new work environments.

Working on Campus

  • Departments on campus hire thousands of students each year in a variety of roles. Jobs on campus are a great way to gain experience at a convenient location with colleagues who understand your schedule might need to change quarterly.

Opportunities for Qualifying Undergraduates

  • Work Study - Work-Study is awarded to undergraduates based on need and may be a part of a student's financial aid package.
  • Sacramento Valley College Corps (SVCC) - UC Davis has received a two-year grant to support the work of community-based organizations in key local priorities: K-12 education, climate action, food insecurity while providing financial support for the college student fellows.

Things to Consider