Coronavirus Information

We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students.

Meet with an Advisor

The Internship and Career Center (ICC) is here to support your career, internship and on-campus employment needs. Click on the following advising options to determine the best way to meet your needs. Please note during this season of COVID-19 the ICC is offering virtual services to support you. Please see below for more details.

15 Minute Drop-In to get Started

For undergraduates and recent alumni
If this is your first time using the ICC, we highly recommend this option.

Virtual Drop-in Peer Advising will start Monday, April 6th. More details on how to connect with peer advisors during spring quarter will be posted soon. 

For Questions With:
Internship/job search tools
Handshake basics
Cover letter initial review
Resume writing and initial review
Health-related internship system (see health and biological sciences advisers)

Meet our peer advisors.

  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • TBA
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • TBA
  • Health and Biological Sciences
  • TBA
  • Liberal Arts and Business
  • TBA
  • Student Employment
  • TBA

*Hours subject to change.


30 Minute Appointment for In-Depth Questions

For undergraduates, master's and Ph.D. students, postdoctoral scholars and recent alumni

For Questions With:
Career exploration
Detailed resume/CV and cover letter review
Evaluating internship/job offers
Internship/job search
Interview preparation and practice
Coaching on networking strategies
Salary and benefits negotiation

Mon-Fri, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Appointments are scheduled online.


50 Minute Workshops


For undergraduates, master's and Ph.D. students, postdoctoral scholars and all alumni

Workshops are a great way to get a quick overview on a variety of different career-related topics. You can drop by any of our 50 minute talks scheduled throughout the year.

Take a look at our calendar of events for upcoming workshops.