Resume Review+

The ICC has many resources to help students create a well-crafted resume - review all of our resume writing services available to get you started on a comprehensive document that highlights your experience, skills, and education.

Online service for resumes, CVs, and cover letters open to current UC Davis undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and recent alumni (within 1 year of graduating).

Step 1: Complete Resume Review+ Request Form and Submit Document(s)

Complete the Resume Review+ Request Form below where you will let our Resume Review+ team know a little about yourself, what document(s) you are looking to get reviewed for what purpose, and submit your resume, CV, and/or cover letter for review.

Document(s) must be uploaded as a Google Document. PDFs will be declined. Check the formatting of your document if you have converted it from a different program. If you cannot upload your document(s) as a Google Document, an alternative to having your document(s) reviewed is through drop-in advising (undergraduate students only).

Resume Review+ Submission Form

Step 2: Receive Feedback

Within five (5) business days, receive initial written feedback on your document(s) and expect to be notified via Handshake upon completion. Please be aware, during campus holidays there might be a slight delay.

Step 3: Level Up

For a more in-depth review, revise your document(s) and meet with an ICC Peer Advisor or Career Advisor for a real-time review of the new and improved version of your document(s). Or, submit a new request for Resume Review+. Do not contact reviewers directly regarding the feedback you receive.

For general questions about Resume Review+, email ICC Reception.