30-Minute Appointment for In-Depth Questions

  • How do I schedule an appointment at the UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC)?
    1. 1. Log in to Handshake on a desktop browser or via the Handshake app.

    2. 2. From a browser,  select "Career Center" on your home screen, then "Appointments." From the app, select "Account" then "Career Center" then "Appointments."

    3. 3. Click "Schedule A New Appointment."

    4. 4. Choose a Category for the appointment topic, such as "CV/Resume Help" or "Career Exploration."

    5. 5. Choose an Appointment Type, such as "Engineering and Computer Science" or "Communications."

    6. 6. Next you'll see a screen with several filters along the top: "Category," "Type," "Staff Member," and "Appointment Medium." You can filter Appointment Medium by virtual, phone, or in person. This will then display all available time slots which can be accessed in that medium. Click on your preferred timeslot to continue.

    7. 7. In the "Appointment Request Details" page, select your preferred medium from the "Appointment Medium" dropdown menu. In the field for "What can we help you with?" please type a message that will be sent directly to the advisor to help them understand the support you are seeking. Please be specific so that the advisor can best meet your needs. Once you have confirmed that all the fields are accurate, click "Request" at the bottom of the form to complete the scheduling process.

    8. 8. You will be taken to a screen that says "Appointment was successfully created." Below the appointment details, under "WHERE" you will see the advisor's office location (for in-person) and Zoom meeting link (for virtual).
      1. a. To return to this screen at a later time, log in to Handshake, click on "Career Center" then "Appointments" then "Upcoming Appointments."

      2. b. If you will be discussing your resume and/or cover letter, please share your documents ahead of time with the advisor, either emailed as attachments or shared via Google Docs. You can find the advisor's email address in your Upcoming Appointments in Handshake.
  • How do I change an in-person appointment at the ICC to a virtual appointment?
    1. 1. Find the email address of your advisor. You can locate their email on the ICC website, or on the appointments page in Handshake.

    2. 2. Email the advisor and request to change your in-person appointment to a virtual one. Include your UC Davis email and the time and date of the appointment you want to change.

    3. 3. Look at the office location of the Handshake appointment page to find the advisor's Zoom link.
  • How do I participate in my ICC appointment?
  • For IN-PERSON appointments, arrive 5-10 minutes early to the office location listed in Handshake on the appointment page.

    For VIRTUAL appointments, click on the Zoom found in Handshake on the appointment page.

    For PHONE appointments, call (669) 900-6833 and enter the Zoom meeting ID listed in Handshake on the appointment page.
  • What if I cannot keep my ICC appointment?
  • Cancel it as soon as possible within Handshake to open the slot to other students. If you don't join the appointment within ten minutes of the scheduled time, the appointment will be cancelled.
  • How do I prepare for my ICC appointment?
  • Review available online resources at for resumes, cover letters, Handshake for jobs and internships, and more. Refer to our Career Resource Manual for resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and more:

    FOR RESUME/CV OR COVER LETTER APPOINTMENTS: Share your materials ahead of time with the advisor, either emailed as Word Document attachment(s), shared via Google Docs, or added as a comment in Handshake with a Google Docs link. You may find the advisor's email address on the appointment page in Handshake.