Working or interning abroad is a great way to:

  • Increase marketability to employers in a growing global economy
  • Gain real-world understanding of diversity and cultural competency
  • Prove flexibility and initiative
  • Improve your language skills or learn a new language
  • Develop a global perspective to benefit a future career

Where to Start

Things to Consider When Interning Abroad

  • Your destination
  • Work authorization
  • Health advisories
  • Cost and Funding Sources
    Due to some of the challenges of coordinating an international opportunity, it is common to work with a third party provider or program to assist with your placement. These programs may require a deposit, a placement fee or tuition to participate. Be sure that you understand the policy on refunds and how the deposit will be applied to overall program fees. Confirm what the costs cover.
  • Programs deadlines and requirements
    Some programs require specific coursework, skills or experience to be eligible. To make yourself competitive for an international internship, build your resume by participating in student organizations, community service and leadership activities.

Before You Go

Relevant information and practical advice on health and safety at every stage of an overseas experience that can easily be put to use!