Finding Opportunities

I know where I want to work and/or what field I want to work in, but I need help finding opportunities


You’ve chosen a location and/or industry for your internship abroad. That’s great! Let’s look for opportunities. A great place to start is with on-campus and UC resources. UC Davis Study Abroad and the University of California Education Abroad Program both offer internship programs.

If those programs are not what you are looking for, you can search on your own. Job boards are a great resource.

Global Job Boards

General Job Boards

You can also look at internship programs through study abroad companies. Sometimes working with a company can make it easier to find an internship because they guarantee you one or they have connections and help you find an internship. However, they can be expensive. You can use this worksheet to compare vendors.

You can also research American companies that have offices abroad. Check out this article as a starting point.