Handshake for Students

Handshake is an online platform, where UC Davis students and alumni can connect with employers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to associate another email address to my account?
  • If you have an account and would like to associate your account with an alternative email address to your campus email address, follow these instructions to update your account.
  • What happens to my account after I graduate?
  • Your account will remain active indefinitely and you will be able to access it after you graduate.

    With the recent change to campus policies regarding your campus email address after graduation, we would recommend updating your account's email address before your graduation date or shortly after.
  • What happens if I create a new account associated with a personal email address?
  • To prevent having duplicate accounts in the system, do not request a new Handshake account. Instead, try logging in to your existing account and updating the email address associated with the account.

    If you have requested a new Handshake account - you will need to delete the request prior to adding your personal email address to your existing Handshake account.

    Submit a ticket to Handshake's support team using their request form. Specify that you are wanting to delete the new account created with your personal email address in the description of the request.

    After the account is deleted and your personal email address is freed up in the system, log into your account that was created with your UC Davis email address.

    If you still have access to your UC Davis CAS credentials, use that to log in. 

    If you no longer have access to your UC Davis CAS credentials but still have access to your UC Davis email account, set up and use Handshake credentials. Instructions are found in this article.

    If you no longer have access to your UC Davis CAS credentials or UC Davis email account, contact the Internship and Career Center.

    Once you are logged in, add one or more personal email addresses to your Handshake account and configure one of them as your primary email address for your account. Instructions are found in this article.
  • I am a new admitted student, do I need to manually register for an account?
  • Students do not need to manually register for an account. Accounts are automatically created for all students once they have set up their campus credentials and campus email address. However it may take a little time for the information to populate into Handshake and the account created. Check with the Internship and Career Center if you have questions about your account.

Additional Questions

  • Why should I update my profile?
  • The more details you provide about your academics and experience, the easier it is for Handshake to tailor jobs and internships for you. Employers can also contact you through Handshake, and it's a good way to highlight your accomplishments! Use our Handshake Profile Checklist to get started.
  • How do I get notified of opportunities I am interested in?
  • Go to the Jobs tab on the web version of Handshake, and use a variety of filters for your job search. You can "Save your Search" at the top. Handshake will notify you of tailored opportunities based on your searches and when you follow or favorite various employers, events, or jobs.
  • How do I access Handshake?
  • For an optimal Handshake experience, use an internet browser (Firefox and Chrome recommended) on your laptop or desktop. Native mobile apps are also available. Mobile web is not recommended.
  • How do I get the app?
  • Click on the following links:
    - Apple App Store: https://icc.ucdavis.edu/handshake-iOS
    - Google Play: https://icc.ucdavis.edu/handshake-Android
    Or visit your app store, search and download Handshake Jobs & Careers
  • Can I change my profile privacy settings?
  • On the top right hand corner next to your name, you can click the down arrow and go to Settings and Privacy. Choose from the three options listed:
    - Community allows your profile to be viewable by employers, other students, and alumni.
    - Employers makes your profile accessible to employers and students can't message you.
    - Private keeps everyone, including employers, from seeing your profile.
  • I want to apply for a work-study job on-campus, but Handshake says I am not eligible even though I am. Can I still apply?
  • Work-Study is a financial aid award. To see if you have this award, review your personalized financial aid notice at MyAwards. All on campus jobs can be converted to work-study positions.

    Work-study eligibility is not imported into Handshake for UC Davis students. It may appear that you do not qualify for certain on-campus student employment opportunities, but you CAN still apply for these positions. When you apply, submit your Work-Study Eligibility Certificate, along with your other application materials.

    Eligible students can obtain a Work-Study Eligibility Certificate (with a 30-day expiration date) through MyAwards. Work-Study Eligibility Certificates will become available in mid-June.

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