On-Campus Interviews

Interviewing with employers on campus is a great way to get a job or internship before you graduate. Over 1,000 Aggies have at least one on-campus interview every year, and many receive job offers.

Many employers set up on-campus interviewing schedules following our internship and career fairs. The protocol for getting interviews varies by employer. Some prefer to ask qualified students to interview at the fair or at post-fair interview sessions. A list of the companies who will be interviewing after a fair will be posted on the fair event page. Other employers list their positions on Aggie Job Link well in advance.

Positions with upcoming resume submission deadlines are listed below:


To view and apply for these postings and more:

  1. Sign in to Aggie Job Link
  2. Click 'Aggie Job Link' under the Jobs/Internships tab
  3. Select 'All Interviews' or 'Interviews I Qualify For' in the advanced search options
  4. You will only be allowed to apply for interviews you qualify for. This is based on what the employer requests and the information you provide in your profile, so make sure it is up to date.

You can also subscribe to ICC emails to be notified about upcoming on-campus interviewing opportunities in your area of interest.