Creating Your Handshake Company Name

Private, Local Employers

UC Davis is no longer accepting job postings in Handshake for babysitting, gardening, private tutoring, individual household roles and other odd jobs, instead refer to community based websites. Though we are not making recommendations or endorsing, here are a few resources that may assist you:,,,, UC Davis WorkLife has additional resources that may be beneficial.

If you have questions, please contact us at

UC Davis Departments

A majority of UC Davis departments are a part of a service channel that posts jobs for their department. If your student positions are posted by your service channel, you may not need to created a Handshake account. Here are examples of the service channels:

  • Shared Service Organization (SSO)
  • Academic Unit Shared Service Center (AUSS-C)
  • Distributed Service Channel (DiSSC)
  • Health Service Channel (HSC)

Use Handshake to Post Your Own Jobs or Attend the Aggie Job Fair

Even if you use a service channel, you may still want to create a Handshake account to be able to register and attend the Aggie Job Fair or to post jobs directly to Handshake. To create a Handshake employer account:

  • Register with your UC Davis email address
    Create a Handshake employer account
  • Once you have confirmed your email address, you will need to join a departmental "company" account.
    • Review the list of existing departmental "company" accounts and use the request button to be associated with your department. Your request will be reviewed by the departmental owner of the account in Handshake. If you don't hear back about your request or the departmental owner is no longer with the university, you may email
    • If you don't find your department (or unit/cluster/group), follow the instructions after the email confirmation to create a new company profile for your department. If you think your department is already registered, email to see if they can help find it to avoid duplicates.

Naming Conventions

If you are creating a new departmental company account or posting your own jobs on Handshake, we have provided some guidelines for naming. For questions regarding Handshake naming conventions, please email

Department Name

When creating a UC Davis employer account please use the following naming convention:

  • UC Davis and department name (ex. UC Davis Department of History, UC Davis College of Engineering (COE))

Job Title

The position the student is applying for and desired classification (STDT 2, 3 or 4) for example:

  • Student Receptionist (STDT2)
  • Peer Advisor (STDT3)
  • Biomedical Engineering Lab Assistant (STDT4).

Job Description

If you are part of a service channel it is strongly encouraged that you put the department name in the job title or description. This will be one of the primary places students will see your department name.