Policies: Internships

Internships at UC Davis are supervised work-learn experiences in a professional environment outside the classroom to help a student's academic and career goals.

  • An internship requires a minimum 10-week quarter commitment and can span multiple quarters
  • Internships are guided, supervised and evaluated by professionals
  • To qualify for transcript notation, internships require a minimum of 40 hours per quarter
  • Internships ideally are paid; however, if the internship is unpaid, duties may not replace those of paid employees
  • Students are encouraged to complete the transcript notation process through Handshake to document that their experience has been reviewed and approved by the ICC
  • Students may also choose to pursue academic credit. Academic credit requires a faculty sponsor. The ICC can assist getting students started with this process
  • Students at all class levels are eligible to participate in internships, depending upon the requirements of the organization

The ICC follows NACE guidelines for best practices. The above information does not constitute legal advice. Please confirm your state and federal requirements.

To post an internship, log in to Handshake. If you have additional questions regarding internships, you can contact us.