Path to Tenure-Track Faculty Careers

Job Search Steps - tenure-track faculty jobs

There are four basic steps when applying for an academic career. Each step listed below links to resources with tips and suggestions for successfully navigating the process.

  1. Launching an academic job search
  2. Developing application materials
  3. Preparing for the interview
  4. Negotiating a position

Understanding the process, researching the campus and department, carefully reviewing expectations outlined in the job description, and considering your "fit" for the position are all critical steps in a successful job search in the academy. Academic institutions emphasize teaching, research and service differently. They have unique and diverse student populations. Their missions drive programming and resource allocations. Employment commitments may be short or long-term and include benefits, or not. Understanding these differences is important when pursuing a position in the academy.

In addition, understanding what motivates your pursuit of an academic career is essential. Do you like teaching? Working with undergraduate students? Bench or lab work? Grant writing? The academic job market is increasingly competitive.

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