Leaders for the Future

Leaders for the Future

A cross-campus collaboration between the Office of Research, the Internship and Career Center, GradPathways (Graduate Studies) and the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leaders for the Future helps PhD candidates and postdoctoral scholars connect with applied experiences beyond academia through immersives (internships, job shadowing, projects) while supporting business skills development.

More about Leaders for the Future

Leaders for the Future is designed for Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral scholars who seek to engage in immersives (internships, job shadowing, projects). The program provides training in the skills needed to excel in diverse careers across industry, government and more.

Leaders for the Future provides immersive experiences (internships, job shadowing, short projects, etc.) outside of academia. Cutting-edge training in leadership skills, business communication, project management, innovation and entrepreneurship is provided to participants from all disciplines—including humanities, social sciences and STEM—through a series of workshops and other activities.


Please contact Leaders for the Future Program Coordinator Lyndsey Ruiz, Ph.D., Internship and Career Center at ldruiz@ucdavis.edu

Initial program funding for Leaders for the Future was provided by the State of California through Assembly Bill 2664: University of California Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expansion.