International Opportunities

With extensive initiative, research and planning, it is possible to pursue an international experience that fits your professional goals. There are many unique considerations to think about before you decide if an experience abroad is right for you. Going abroad can help you build language skills or transferable skills desired in many jobs within industry, federal government agencies such as the Foreign Service, or international or non-governmental organizations.

Areas of Interest

Regardless of your area of study or field of interest, there are international opportunities available that may help you reach your goals. Be sure to speak with an ICC adviser to explore the pros and cons of an opportunity abroad based on your field of interest.

Research and Planning

  • Planning worksheet
    Complete this worksheet to help identify your goals and prioritize what you would like to gain from your overseas experience. Meet with an ICC adviser to get help with your planning process.
  • Vendor research worksheet
    Make sure that you are an informed consumer when it comes to your options. Use the vendor research worksheet to compare and contrast your choices.


Careers Abroad

There are U.S. companies that have positions abroad, federal agencies with international placements, as well as opportunities to teach English abroad through a variety of organizations and non-profits. Remember that many positions may require language fluency or unique skills that prevent the displacement of workers in the country. Always review work authorization guidelines (e.g. Visa requirements) before embarking on a job search in a desired country abroad.

Internships Abroad

Due to some of the challenges of finding an internship abroad, it is common to work with a third party provider or program to assist with your placement. These programs may require placement fees or tuition to participate. Learn more about finding an internship abroad.


Fellowships offered by private foundations, government agencies, and corporations as either a one-time or multi-year award can provide support for an internship or research abroad. For master’s and Ph.D. students, the Office of Graduate Studies regularly updates a list of external fellowships. UC Davis programs such as Trellis, Research and Innovation Fellowship for Agriculture and the Blum Center for Developing Economies support both undergraduate and graduate students working on projects and internships abroad.

Campus Programs and Organization

There are a number of campus programs and organizations that offer experiences abroad.

Visit the ICC and Meet with an Advisor

For further guidance narrowing down your career interests, you can schedule an advising appointment. Our advising page has a list of all ICC advisors or you can review the list of undergraduate advisors below: