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Many UC Davis pre-health students complete health-related internships by using the Health-Related Internships (HRI) Portal. Internships in the HRI portal are updated quarterly, and span many health-related fields including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nutrition, public health, and physical, occupational, and speech therapies. To qualify for an HRI internship, you must be an enrolled UC Davis undergraduate student able to meet the listed requirements for the internship (which will be outlined in the HRI system during active registration periods).

Log in to HRI using your Kerberos login, fill out your profile, and obtain a pass time during the following registration periods (watch our video on how to request a pass time):

  • Fall 2023 - August 23, 2023
  • Winter 2024 - November 9, 2023
  • Spring 2024 - February 15, 2024
  • Summer 2024 - May 9, 2024

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HRI Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If I am a freshman, can I use the Health-Related Internship (HRI) system?
  • Yes, you can! Some internship sites will take first-year students. However, some internship sites like UC Davis Health require interns to be at least in their second (sophomore) year. For HRI, sophomore status is based on years in college, not units completed (as indicated on OASIS). Students must be 18 years old to participate.
  • When are HRI internships available and when can I sign up for a pass time?
  • Health-Related Internships are offered during every quarter: fall, winter, spring, and summer (Summer Session I and II are counted as one quarter). The dates to sign up for a pass time for each quarter are listed above, and are also advertised in the Health and Biological Sciences email newsletter. Subscribe here (
  • I am going to be in Davis for one summer session, or I plan to take at least a week of vacation during the summer. Can I still participate in an HRI internship?
  • No. The summer internships through HRI span both summer sessions. You must attend your internship for the entire 10 week summer commitment. You cannot "front-load" or "back-load" your internship hours in order to fit in a vacation or only participate during one of the two summer sessions.
  • How do pass times work? Am I guaranteed an internship? What if I cannot find an internship that fits my class schedule? And how do I get a better pass time?
  • You can request an HRI pass time each quarter. Pass time registration for the upcoming quarter occurs during the second half of the previous quarter. For example, pass time registration for summer internships opens towards the end of spring quarter on the HRI system website. Dates are announced on this website and via the Health and Biological Sciences email newsletter (

    Pass times are randomly generated upon registering. Registering early in the process does not necessarily mean an early pass time will be given. During your pass time, you can sign up for any open internship that you qualify for. Resumes and cover letters are not required, but please review site descriptions and confirm that you meet internship requirements. If the internship slot you want is taken, sign up for a waitlist. Students who register for a pass time in HRI are not guaranteed an internship and can apply again in future quarters. You may sign up for one internship slot OR one waitlist per quarter.
  • Can I sign up for multiple internship slots if I am not sure which one I can do?
  • No. The system only permits you to sign up for one internship slot or waitlist at a time. Please sign up for an internship only if you are completely certain you can follow through with the requirements and time commitment. Do not register for slots that conflict with your coursework. Make sure you factor in transportation time to and from the internship site. If the internship that you want is full, you can sign up for the waitlist.
  • What does a TBA time slot mean?
  • TBA means "to be arranged," indicating that you will arrange a mutually agreeable block of time with your internship supervisor. In most cases, you will attend the internship at the same time each week. Typically, TBA slots have some day and time restrictions already in place, so please read carefully. After completing ICC HRI Orientation, you will be instructed on how to contact your supervisor and arrange your weekly internship hours.
  • The internship slot that I want is now full. How do the waitlists work?
  • If the internship you want is taken, please sign up for a waitlist slot. Each of our internships is part of a group based on location or type and you add to the waitlist for the group rather than for a specific internship slot. The waitlists do not have ranked positions like academic classes. Following your enrollment in a waitlist group and the closing of the HRI registration period, you will be required to complete the ICC HRI asynchronous orientation on Canvas in order to be eligible to move from the waitlist into any open internship slot connected to your waitlist. If you are on a waitlist, please pay close attention to email instructions and dates on how to move off the waitlist. Available internship slots for waitlisted students are only open for one day of enrollment, and are first come, first serve. Placement in an HRI cannot be guaranteed.
  • What is the ICC HRI Orientation and how do I complete it?
  • ICC HRI Orientation consists of two parts: 1) an asynchronous portion on Canvas and 2) a synchronous virtual meeting through Zoom. After HRI pass times end, everyone registered in an HRI slot or on an HRI waitlist will be added to a Canvas course with the HRI Orientation modules. You must complete these modules and attend our synchronous meeting in order to complete the ICC HRI Orientation. The synchronous meeting is mandatory and make up dates are not offered. If you are unable to attend a mandatory meeting, you will be dropped from your internship without penalty. Please contact in advance if there are extreme circumstances that you would like to discuss.

    Certain sites will have an additional orientation, in-service, and/or on-site training that is hosted by the site and typically occurs right before the HRI start date. In most cases, this additional meeting will count toward your HRI hours for the quarter.
  • What if I cannot make the mandatory orientation or meeting?
  • All orientations and meetings associated with your specific HRI are MANDATORY. You must participate in all required meetings in order to keep your internship. You may not be late, and you must stay for the entire meeting. Required meetings are listed in your HRI portal. Failure to attend mandatory meetings may result in being removed from the internship and placed on the suspension policy.
  • Do returning HRI participants need to complete the asynchronous and synchronous ICC HRI Orientation?
  • Yes, students returning to HRI need to complete the asynchronous and synchronous ICC HRI Orientation, except for students completing the second quarter of a two-quarter commitment. Please review your internship information page for more information about the requirements of your specific two-quarter commitment.
  • What are the different types of meetings and orientations?
  • There are four types of meetings that you may see through your HRI portal; ICC HRI Orientation Meetings (Synchronous), ICC HRI Canvas Asynchronous Orientation, Site Orientations, and In-Service Trainings. All internship participants will be required to complete and participate in the asynchronous and synchronous ICC HRI Orientations Meetings. Only some internships require site orientations and/or in-service training. Students participating in UC Davis Health internships are required to go in person to Volunteer Services on the UC Davis Health campus to complete their onboarding process. If you have a class that conflicts with any of your required meetings, it is up to you to make arrangements with your instructor in order to attend the meetings. The ICC can provide a verification letter regarding the one-time orientation. If you are unable to attend a mandatory meeting, you will be dropped from your internship. Please contact in advance if there are extreme circumstances that you would like to discuss.
  • Will I be subject to the suspension policy if I sign up for a spot and do not complete the asynchronous or synchronous ICC HRI Orientation?
  • No; however, you will be dropped from your internship for the quarter. You will be allowed to attempt to sign up again next quarter. If you do complete the ICC HRI Orientation and stop attending your internship at a later time, you will be subject to the two-quarter suspension policy. If you fail to participate in a mandatory site orientation or in-service training, you will be dropped from your internship and subject to the suspension policy. The suspension policy goes into effect after the ICC HRI Orientation.
  • If I secure an internship slot, will I be subject to the suspension policy if I complete the asynchronous or synchronous ICC HRI Orientation but miss the my internships Site Orientation?
  • Yes, once you check out of the synchronous ICC HRI Orientation you are committing to your internship's meeting requirements.
  • Can I change my HRI day/time to another slot or switch my HRI to a different site (after registration is closed)?
  • Students can make changes to their HRI slot during the initial registration period. Once the registration closes and the asynchronous Orientation begins, no changes can be accommodated. Students who have a conflict with their slot time need to either resolve the conflict or drop their slot. As long as the internship is dropped prior to the end of the ICC HRI synchronous Orientation, there is no penalty. Students who drop a slot after ICC HRI synchronous Orientation are subject to the suspension policy.
  • What immunizations are typically required?
  • Many internships have immunization requirements. Detailed information about required immunizations is available under the internship details as you browse internships in the HRI system. If you register for an internship with immunization requirements, you can schedule an appointment with your medical provider.

    Immunization requirements will vary by site but may include:

    -Tuberculosis (TB) Test
    -Measles Vaccine (MMR)
    -Chicken Pox (Varicella) vaccine
    -Flu vaccine (during flu season)
    -COVID-19 vaccination series
    -Hepatitis B Series

    Students are responsible for out-of-pockets costs associated with any required immunizations, titers and TB tests. Costs may vary depending on your insurance.
  • How and where do I submit my immunization records?
  • You will receive instructions during ICC HRI Orientation on how to submit your immunizations records to your specific site. Most sites collect records via email or an online portal. The Internship and Career Center does NOT collect, review, or verify immunization records.

    Some host sites have a process for requesting an exemption from immunizations. Be sure to follow the host site's procedures and deadlines if requesting an exemption.
  • What can I do NOW to prepare for an internship?
  • Allow time in your course schedule for an internship, usually, a four-hour block plus travel time added on to both start and end times is necessary. Plan ahead and find the blocks of time in your schedule that would work to add an internship slot.

    Gather copies of your immunization records NOW to make your immunization/medical clearance process as quick and easy as possible. Copies of your immunization records may be obtained from your healthcare provider, your parents or guardians, and sometimes from your high school. If you need an immunization, you may use your personal healthcare provider. Another option is to utilize the services of the Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) by logging in to their Health-e-Messaging system and scheduling a "clearance appointment" for your internship. SHWC does not offer drop-in appointments for immunizations or immunizations record review, so please schedule an appointment online.

    Internships take time out of your daily schedule, so do well academically to ensure that you are prepared to take on an internship. Practice good study habits/time management skills now to prepare yourself to balance school, internship, and your personal life once you begin your internship placement.
  • What is my supervisor's contact information?
  • Your supervisor's contact information will appear in the HRI system after you have attended the ICC HRI Orientation Meeting. During the orientation meeting, you will receive instructions about when it is appropriate to contact your supervisor directly. After the orientation meeting, you will be able to log in to the portal and find their contact information on your internship information page.
  • My internship requires a second quarter. How and when can I sign up for my second quarter timeslot? What if it does not fit my schedule?
  • During the first quarter of the internship, you will receive an email with directions on how to sign up for the second quarter of your two-quarter internship. Second-quarter students will be given a priority pass time for a higher probability that they can fit their internship into their schedule. If you cannot continue your internship for the second quarter because it does not fit into your schedule, you will be subject to the suspension policy.
  • Can I sign up for an internship if I won't be enrolled as a student or I am graduating next quarter?
  • Students must be an enrolled UC Davis undergraduate student to participate in HRI. Continuing students can participate in Summer HRIs even if not enrolled in Summer Sessions. Students cannot participate in HRIs once they have graduated.
  • What happens if the internship In-service training or ICC HRI Orientation meeting conflicts with a class?
  • The ICC cannot offer alternative training times. We can provide you a letter verifying your mandatory training, but it is up to your professor's discretion to excuse you from class/lecture. Contact us at to request the letter.
  • I am an international student, how do I obtain a job/internship offer letter verifying my internship?
  • All F-1 international students that sign up for an HRI not at UC Davis Health must obtain CPT (Curricular Practical Training) authorization. Visit this SISS website to confirm eligibility and begin the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) process. Also, review their FAQs:

    To request a job/internship verification letter after you register for an internship, promptly send an email to the ICC ( with the following information: First and Last Name, UC Davis student ID #, Internship Site Name, Shift (Hours), Quarter of Internship. The ICC will draft a PDF letter for you to then provide to SISS.

    Curricular Practical Training (CPT) requests must be approved BEFORE beginning your internship. Please confirm that the internship you intend to register for meets the requirements of your major.

    If you are an international student studying on a non-F1 visa, you must work with the sponsor of your visa to determine your eligibility to participate in off-campus internships. Internships at UC Davis Health are considered on-campus. Eligibility to participate in HRI cannot be guaranteed.
  • Is transportation provided for these internships?
  • No, students are responsible for scheduling their own transportation to and from their internships. It is encouraged to leave enough time in between classes to travel to and from internship sites.

    Interns at UC Davis Health in Sacramento are encouraged to utilize the Causeway Connection bus that runs on Monday-Friday between UC Davis in Davis and UC Davis Health in Sacramento. Parking at UC Davis Health is extremely limited.
  • Is transcript notation (TN) required for each quarter I complete an HRI?
  • Yes, all students in a health-related internship complete all steps transcript notation (TN) on Handshake for each quarter they participate. For example, students participating in an HRI with a 2-quarter commitment must complete 2 separate TNs. Learn more about the transcript notation process, which occurs on Handshake via the Submit an Experience feature.
  • What if I have further questions about the HRI system?
  • Please email us at Make sure to send this email from your UC Davis email. Write a detailed subject line, write in complete sentences, and don't forget to include your full name.