Culture and Identity

Welcome to the diversity resources section of the Internship and Career Center. Resources listed here provide culturally relevant information that will enhance your experience at UC Davis and address needs specific to your community. The ICC strives to provide knowledge and preparation on each student's job search that incorporates their cultural heritage and background and connects them to employers for meaningful experiences. For more information, please see an advisor.


Your Identity at Work

As you consider your research into careers, you may wonder how your identity will affect your search. Is the company you are researching supportive of diversity and inclusion? Is it actively seeking out diverse employees? We know that the majority of students want a diverse workplace. A survey by Glassdoor found that 67% of job seekers claimed that a diverse workplace was important to them. Additionally, research by McKinsey & Company shows that companies with an executive team that's diverse in terms of gender and ethnicity outperform others in terms of profit. In other words, prioritizing diversity is a win-win. However, not all organizations make equal commitments to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Here are some tips on how to find companies that are inclusive:

  1. Research online: Start with the company's website and notice what you see in the photos. Read the "About Us" section, looking for metrics on diversity or hiring practices. You can also read employees' reviews on sites such as Glassdoor.
  2. Look at the company's employees: Find out who's on the leadership team, on the website, or on LinkedIn. Look at the staff directory. If you visit for interviews, make sure to look around.
  3. Check the company’s core values: Do they have a mission statement or core values? If so, see if they mention diversity or inclusion as priorities.
  4. Check for Employee Resource Groups: Also known as ERGs, affinity groups, or business network groups, they are groups of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. For example, at UC Davis there are many groups such as the Latinx Staff and Faculty Association, and DiversABILITY Employee Resource Group.
  5. Ask questions during your interview: When the interviewer asks if you have any questions for them, try inquiring about diversity. You could ask questions such as:
    • I see diversity is listed in the company's values. Can you share some examples of how you promote it?
    • What does the organization do to ensure an inclusive workplace?
  6. Network: Reach out to your connections, or reach out through LinkedIn. Do you know anyone at the company? See if anyone who has worked at the company can share details on diversity and inclusion.
  7. Check employee benefits and personnel policies: Policies can reveal a lot. For example, do they provide family leave for all parents? Do they have an inclusive definition of domestic partner? Do they accommodate a variety of work accessibility needs?

The ICC supports students from marginalized communities in all aspects of the career planning process. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss choosing a major or career, talking with loved ones about career choices, making professional contacts, and marketing your unique skills and experiences so you can secure employment and advanced degree opportunities.

Each year the ICC hosts the "Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion at Work" networking event, where students can network with organizations that have a commitment to diversity and inclusion – usually held in February. See ICC events for more information.

We also recommend these resources for further exploration:

The UC Davis Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion offers events, trainings, and resources for furthering your understanding.