Teacher's Assistant Internship Listings

If you're looking for a teaching related internship, you can find special opportunities through Aggie Job Link that are updated at the beginning of the school year with listings from preschool, elementary, secondary and related educational organizations:

Step 1: Log in to Aggie Job Link and navigate to the "Jobs and Internships" page.

Step 2: In the search bar, type ICCTeachIntern to see a list of current postings (postings may be added throughout the year, so check back.)

Step 3: You will need to make contact with the person listed at your site of interest by following the contact instructions under "How to Apply." When you correspond with them, speak slowly, leave your contact information and best time to reach you. Contact only the supervisor you are truly interested in - do not "shop around" as supervisors are extremely busy!

NOTE: Students who volunteer at Davis High School are reminded you must secure a badge to wear while at the school and to sign in and out at the office each time you volunteer.

  • Davis School locations
    • For driving directions to schools in Woodland, Dixon, Sacramento, etc. use Google Maps
  • Check Bell Schedules – Google the school name and "bell schedule" to see when classes are in session, to make sure it aligns with your availability.
  • Units/Transcript Notation (TN) -
    • Students may receive units for their teaching assistant internship from Education 100 or the University Writing Program - Writing Ambassador's Program. For units, students are expected to work for a total of 30 hours or about 3 hours per week.
    • In place of units, a student may want to receive Transcript Notation (TN) from the Internship and Career Center. For TN, you must work at least 4 hours per week and complete paperwork online by registering with Aggie Job Link (AJL). For students seeking admittance to a teaching credentialing program, it is important to document your teaching internships and hours supervised by a credentialed teacher.

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