Elliott Johnson

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Elliott Johnson grew up in the Bay Area (East Bay). He completed a BA in Psychology at Carleton College in Minnesota, where he truly enjoyed working in Psychology labs. He pursued his PhD in Human Development at UC Davis, where he studied the neuroscience of learning and memory in early childhood with MRI. After graduating with his PhD, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Scholar at Temple University in Philadelphia, and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Bryn Mawr College. While research is very important, he most enjoyed supporting students in lab with their career and grad school goals. He moved back to California to focus on this full time. Elliott leads the Career Discovery Groups in partnership with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. In his free time, he likes to play Dungeons and Dragons, go to metal concerts, travel with his wife, and hang out with his pets.

Advises undergraduates, master's, PhD, and alumni

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