Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am looking for volunteer opportunities.
  • We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, you still want to help out, and WE NEED YOU! Whether it's virtually or in person, our community partners need volunteers! Here are a few ways you can connect with our valued partners and provide very needed community service:
    • Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for recent and up-to-date announcements
    • Subscribe to our listserv for regular and urgent announcements
    • Visit our Google Calendar for upcoming events
    • Search our database for community partners in need of assistance
  • Where is your office located and are you still open?
  • We are located at 106 South Hall at the Internship and Career Center. The CSRC will be working remotely this quarter due to the Shelter in Place order.

    How to Contact Us:
  • I am in need of volunteers for my event!
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you, our valued community partners, have stepped up to help out. Because of your proactive response, people throughout the region are receiving vital assistance they need. We know you need volunteers, and we want to help. The UC Davis Community Service Resource Center, through its vast network, can connect you to volunteer students, staff, and faculty. Click here for more information on how to find local-area volunteers. Whether it's virtual or in-person, we can help.
  • How can I track my community service hours?
  • Community Service Completion Form: Print out this form to bring to your volunteer event to keep a record of your hours. Make sure to get the coordinator's signature.

    You can also record your involvement hours on AggieLife.