Health-Related Volunteer Opportunities

UC Davis has many volunteer opportunities and internships for students looking to get experience in the medical field. You could volunteer at UC Davis Health, the UC Davis Mind Institute, or apply at a student-run health clinic.

If you're looking to find a volunteer/internship position at UC Davis Health or the UC Davis Mind Institute, please follow this website link where you will find additional information, FAQ, and the online application:

If you're having trouble navigating the websites, please email or call 530-752-2855 (press 1 for health-related internships). Because the CSRC is not responsible for organizing these volunteer positions, please do not contact the CSRC. We will only redirect you to the email address and phone number above.

If you're looking to apply at a student-run health clinic, there are ten clinics that are based at UC Davis, nine focusing on human-health and one focusing on animal-health. Provided below is a link to their respective websites and the primary communities the clinics serve.

Human-Health Clinics:

  1. Bayanihan Clinic (Filipino community)
  2. Clinica Tepati (Chicanx/Latinx community)
  3. Imani Clinic (African-American community)
  4. Paul Hom Asian Clinic (Chinese and Vietnamese-speaking communities)
  5. Shifa Clinic (medically-uninsured community)
  6. VN CARES (Vietnamese community)
  7. Willow Clinic (Homeless community)
  8. Knights Landing Clinic (Chicanx/Latinx community)
  9. Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic (uninsured drug users, sex workers, trans folks community)

Animal-Health Clinic:

  1. Mercer Clinic (pets of the homeless community)