CSRC Tutor/Mentor Program

The CSRC Tutor/Mentor program is an annual program that gives UC Davis students the opportunity to be paired with & tutor a student at the Davis School for Independent Study (DSIS) for an entire school year.

What Do Tutor/Mentor Do?

CSRC tutors are UC Davis students who help assist students at a local, public, K-12 school called the Davis School for Independent Study (DSIS). Understanding and patience is a must. As the tutees become more familiar with the tutors, they might begin to view their tutor as a role model. This is why the program has been titled the "Tutor/Mentor" program! In some situations, tutors are able to offer appropriate advice and guidance. Finally, it is helpful to be outgoing since the students tend to wait for the tutors to approach them and introduce themselves before they ask for help.

Why Should You be a Tutor/Mentor?

Since students are always learning at different speeds and in different ways, faculty cannot cater to each student's needs at all times. Tutors help by giving students the individual attention they need when the teacher is with another student. Tutors can also obtain Transcript Notation by completing at least 40 volunteer hours per quarter and the necessary paperwork.

Tutors complete all tutoring in the library of DSIS, and the faculty, students, and parents are very grateful because of the positive energy that the tutors add to this learning environment. Finally, one of the best parts about being a tutor, are the people you meet and the connections you can make. You can be assured that you are making a difference in the life of the student whom you are tutoring.

Interested in Joining?

We are looking for UC Davis students who can commit to 2 to 3 hours a week for the entire academic year. Consistency is very important to the students and faculty.

Apply Now!

For any questions, please contact the CSRC Student Manager, at communityservice@ucdavis.edu.