Community Service Award

Alyssa Kwan

2019 Outstanding Award Winner

Alyssa is a recent graduate of UC Davis, who earned her Bachelor's of Science in Clinical Nutrition. She has worked extensively with the elderly community in San Francisco and Davis, through the first elderly assisting organization at UC Davis, Kind Aid and Resources for the Elderly (K.A.R.E.). Over the past four years, she and her organization have impacted the senior population around UC Davis tremendously. She has partnered with chapters at UC Berkeley and Lowell High School to assist the elderly population with health, nutrition and well-being in the Bay Area. Although her first initiatives were small, in which, she helped senior neighbors take out their trash, prepare meals and assist them with their groceries, her ideas have proved to make a lasting impact. Today, she continues to volunteer at the Curry Senior Center in San Francisco, offering homeless senior citizens a nutritious meal. She often engages in the preparation of meals, as well as, lead games of Bingo. With her time at the Davis chapter of K.A.R.E., she has volunteered at the Davis Senior Center, educating seniors on health and bringing nutrition services to the elderly. Members of K.A.R.E. act as health educators, promoting the importance of exercise and nutrition based on the needs of the senior citizen.

Through her efforts with K.A.R.E., she now knows she is passionate about working with the elderly. These humble experiences she has gained through this organization has inspired her to become a clinical registered dietitian for the elderly population. The rich and rewarding experiences, which she has gained from working with various communities, diverse ethnicities, including the elderly population, has helped her fully appreciate cultural-based nutritional care. Through K.A.R.E., she has had the opportunity to apply and extend her independence, intuitiveness and adaptability to many diverse communities, ensuring social and health equity for the senior population.