Career Champions Training (Staff Track)

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In-Person Career Champions Trainings

We encourage all staff to attend a 2.5-hour Career Champions Training which provides skill-building opportunities to apply the knowledge you will learn about the career planning process and practical career-related resources, services, and programs available through the Internship and Career Center and beyond. Below are currently scheduled Career Champions Trainings. Registration is required as capacity is limited.

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If you are interested in scheduling a training specifically for staff in your department, please contact Lynn Fowler ( or Christina Cadang (

Can't make an in-person training just yet? We have developed online modules you can view in the meantime. It will take about#-#minutes to progress through a module. While these modules are designed to offer a flexible and self-paced format, we recommend you go through one module per week to allow ample time for reflection and application of the concepts covered.

Upon completion of the modules, be sure to check back for future offerings of in-person trainings.

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