Practice Interviews

Practice Interviews are a collection of common interview questions (over 1,200) organized by subject area within Aggie Job Link. —all you need is an internet connection and a webcam. Once completed, you can privately review your interview, or even share it with others to get feedback.

Practice makes perfect!

How to Complete a Practice Interview

  • Log in to Aggie Job Link. You'll find the Practice Interview section under the Resources tab.
  • Choose from Recommended Interviews or create your own interview from more than 1,200 available questions.
  • Graduate students and postdocs can also find questions for specific academic fields by using the keyword search for:
    • ICC Academic Position (30 minute screening)
    • ICC Academic Position – Small, Liberal Arts
    • ICC Teacher Credentialing Interview (30 minutes)
  • Once you start the interview you'll be able to listen to the question, take 30 seconds to collect your thoughts, then have your response recorded.
  • Keep practicing! Multiple attempts can be completed for the same interview.
  • You are welcome to keep your practice interview private, but you can also receive feedback from ICC staff—just click "Request Feedback from Administrator" or if you've been working with an ICC advisor on interviewing skills, you can email your practice interview link directly to that advisor!