Find Volunteer Opportunities - Results

1. A Touch of Understanding


Address: 5280 Stirling Street #102
City: Granite Bay State: CA Zip: 95746

Contact Person: Jeneane Stover
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9167914146
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: "Hands-on" disability awareness program to children and adults fostering sensitivity and respect. Through activities, discussion and video, participants get a glimpse into the lives of others, and an understanding of their challenges. Usually presented at the school site to one grade level per year. Volunteers will assist students in school presentations such as using wheelchairs, handling artificial limbs and braces, write their names in Braille, and "mirror write" to simulate a learning disability. Keywords: disabled persons, mentor/tutor, outreach, youth, education

2. Alzheimer's Association - Greater Sacramento Area


Address: 1455 Response Road, Suite 190
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Katie Curler
Contact's Position: Volunteer Engagement and Community Outreach Manager
Phone: 9169309080
Hours: M-F 9:00 - 5:00

Descriptions: Our volunteers are passionate, inspired, and want to make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or can make a more significant time commitment, please consider becoming an Alzheimer's Association volunteer. There are many ways in which to get involved at the Alzheimer's Association, including office assistance, fundraising events, advocacy, community outreach, and programs, including Helpline and Support Group Facilitator positions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our volunteer opportunities further and next steps to get involved. Our office serves 8 counties in the Greater Sacramento area, including Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Nevada, and Amador. Remote opportunities are available. Keywords: health, counseling, mentor/tutor

3. Asian Pacific Community Counseling


Address: 7273 14th Avenue, Suite 120B
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95820

Contact Person: Sue Chow
Contact's Position: Clinical Program Manager
Phone: 9163836783
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Asian Pacific Community Counseling utilizes a multicultural and multilingual framework in providing mental health counseling, youth diversion programs, tobacco and drug education, and community social services to the Asian Pacific Islander community in Sacramento County. Volunteers are needed to gather materials for workshops, fundraising events, youth activities and outreach programs. They will acquire knowledge of co-counseling and individual mental health counseling and will assist office administrative / clerical work. Bilingual students in the fields of psychology and sociology are preferred. Volunteers must show sensitivity to individuals from multi-ethnic communities and have the initiative to learn new tasks. Keywords: Mental Health, Counseling, Youth, outreach, health

4. Born Free USA United with Animal Protection Institute


Address: mailing: P.O. Box 22505
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Contact Person: Wendy Coonrod
Contact's Position: Development Associate
Phone: 9164473085 ext202
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm

Descriptions: A national animal advocacy nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization working to alleviate captive animal suffering, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife including highly endangered species in their natural habitats, and encourage compassionate conservation globally. We also own and operate the 186-acre Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Texas, home to more than 500 primates, many of whom were rescued from grim conditions and now reside in a naturally enriched environment with minimal human interference. Our primary campaign areas currently include animals used in entertainment, captive exotic animals, trapping & fur, and the international wildlife trade. Keywords: animals, legal, lobbying, environment, education, outreach

5. BPSOS Center for Community Advancement, Inc.


Address: 13950 Milton Ave. Suite 301
City: Westminster State: CA Zip: 92683

Contact Person: Hang Nguyen
Contact's Position: Branch Manager
Phone: 7148972214
Hours: Monday-Friday 830am-430pm

Descriptions: BPSOS, Inc. (Boat People SOS., Inc.) is the nations largest Vietnamese-American community organization, has deep roots in the community. Founded in 1980 as a volunteer group conducting rescue-at-sea missions during the boat people exodus, the organization has grown into a national network of 8 office locations across the U.S. and 2 locations in Southeast Asia. BPSOS mission is to empower, organize and equip Vietnamese individuals and communities in their pursuit of liberty and dignity. BPSOS-CCA is the California affiliate of BPSOS, a national Vietnamese-American non-profit community-based organization with 37-year track record of service. BPSOSCCA has multiple programs, one of which provides a pathway to citizenship and low cost or pro bono legal services. We are looking for young students like yourself to be mock interviewers to help prepare first generation Vietnamese for their Naturalization exam at USCIS. As of date, naturalization is on the rise due to current immigration issues. BPSOS-CCA is located in Westminster. We hold citizenship mock interviews almost every day from Monday through Friday throughout the day starting at 8:30am to 8:00pm at night. . Keywords: cultural, outreach, legal, health, education, mentor/tutor

6. Breaking Barriers


Address: 2020 V Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Gilbert Hernandez
Contact's Position: Client Services Coordinator
Phone: 9164472437
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: For people with HIV: transportation, household chore assistance, social activities, food bundle pick-up, companionship, crisis intervention and moving assistance. Provide free HIV testing and homeless outreach. For homeless persons with HIV: outreach, referral and advocacy. For persons at risk for contracting HIV: education, support groups and risk reduction materials. Youth support group with a heavy emphasis on HIV/AIDS for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender youth ages 14-24. Also provide services for clients with breast cancer. For more information, Keywords: health, outreach, youth, women

7. Californians Against Waste


Address: 921 11th Street, Suite 420
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Karen Bocaling
Contact's Position: Office Manager
Phone: 9164435422
Hours: M-F, 9-5

Descriptions: Californians Against Waste seeks students or graduates with a background in organizing or legislation/politics for two 20-30 hour positions with its local organizing and outreach campaign and other special research and projects. Founded in 1977, CAW is a statewide nonprofit, grassroots advocacy organization that works toward a recycling economy. We research, develop, and advocate policy initiatives at the local, state and federal levels and are the worlds leading environmental advocacy group for waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation. RESPONSIBILITIES: Two local organizing/outreach intern(s) will work with CAWs policy staff to conduct a local government campaign. Tasks include organizing supporters of local initiatives, researching policy, writing letters, fact sheets, and policy papers. Interns will have the opportunity to focus on specific projects including the development and implementation of local campaigns in support of various waste prevention and recycling efforts. SKILLS: Strong and professional written, verbal communication and organizational skills required. Ability to work independently is essential. Computer skills and environmental commitment is a must. WORK HOURS: Weekdays 20-30 hours/week. Keywords: legal, lobbyists

8. Catholic Faith Formation - Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Address: 2110 Broadway
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: John Reisch
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9167330123
Hours: M-F 8:30-4:30pm

Descriptions: For Catholic parishes in 20 counties in Northern California. Trains teachers and cathedral workers for preschool through adult. Programs in: Youth Ministry: leadership formation of youth and adults retreats, special events, resources and consultation services for junior high and high school students. Cheryl Tholcke, Coordinator. Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry: leadership development, retreats and activities for Hispanic youth and young adults. Milagros Calvetti, Coordinator. Pendola Center: summer camp program for boys and girls ages 6-17 and a backpacking program for high school students. Family Camp on Labor Day Weekend. Outdoor School in the fall, grades 5, 6 and 7. Stephen Tholcke, Director. Camp Recreation: summer camp for adults and children with disabilities. John Donohoe, contact person. Ministry to Persons with Special Needs: responsible for accessibility, religious education and outreach to people with disabilities. Michelle Hendricks, Coordinator. Ministry to the Deaf: coordinates religious education, liturgy, accessibility and interpreters for deaf children and adults. Stanley Simonet and Debbie Vanderfold, contact persons. Keywords: religious, youth, disabled persons, counseling, mentor/tutor

9. Center for Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE)


Address: One Shields Avenue
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Allyanna Pittman
Contact's Position: Education & Outreach Specialist
Phone: 5307540530

Descriptions: The UC Davis Center for Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE): Advocacy Office for Sexual and Gender-based Violence and Sexual Misconduct, formerly known as Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP), is the on-campus, confidential resource for all students, staff and faculty who have experienced any form of sexual violence, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic/dating violence, and stalking. Our mission is to reduce sexual violence using a multi-faceted approach, including primary prevention, education and awareness, and trauma-informed survivor services. We work to broaden public awareness about the nature of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, stalking, and its impact on people of all genders, reinforce the necessity of healthy communication - including healthy sexual communication and consent, and to mitigate the trauma of the victim/survivor. Volunteers for CARE assist with prevention education and outreach. Please visit our website to check if our volunteer application is open. Keywords: education, advocacy, resources

10. Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)

Address: One Ferry Building Suite 50
City: San Francisco State: Ca Zip: 94111

Contact Person: Michelle Venetucci Harvey
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 4152913276x152

Descriptions: The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture is dedicated to promoting a sustainable food system through the operation of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and its educational programs. We are a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation organized in 1994 to educate urban consumers about sustainable agriculture and to create links between urban dwellers and local farmers. We have managed the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market since 1999. Volunteers are needed in all aspects of the organization, including the office, the kitchen, the market and events. Keywords: environment, hunger, outreach

11. Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento


Address: 4700 Roseville Road
City: North Highlands State: CA Zip: 95660

Contact Person: Mewa Choy
Contact's Position: Human Resources
Phone: 9162441900
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Coordinates prevention of and protection from child abandonment throughout Sacramento County in the following program areas: Prevention services: Family Cooperative Project offers on-site tutoring and mentoring. Coordination: Child Death Review Team reviews the death of every child in the county; Fetal Infant Mortality Review Team reviews fetal and infant deaths; and Child Protective Systems Oversight Committee oversees and monitors the child protective systems. Each makes recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors. Community education and outreach: increases public awareness of child abuse and neglect issues through quarterly newsletter, brochures, flyers, posters, a resource telephone line, library and public service announcements. For more information, Keywords: youth, mentor/tutor, outreach

12. Clothes Closet - Seventh Day Adventist Church

Address: 29 Elliot
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306626745
Hours: Tuesday 9-12

Descriptions: Offers clothing to people in need. There are no eligibility requirements and all are welcome. Keywords: outreach

13. Community Link


Address: 8001 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95826

Phone: 9164477063

Descriptions: Our mission is to help people turn ideas into community action through information, planning, civic engagement, and advocacy for human needs in the Sacramento Region. Information: Provide the public with timely, valuable, and accurate information about the condition of people and communities in the Sacramento Region, and connect people with available resources to help them and their families. Planning: Produce credible and meaningful community-based research to inform health and social policy and practice, and create safe, unaligned environments that welcome participation of diverse interests in addressing issues and resolving community problems. Civic Engagement: Transform communities and increase civic engagement by involving volunteers in meaningful community service projects that address critical needs. Advocacy: Help people influence public policy to improve the communitys quality of life and assist those most affected by public policies or community conditions in building their capacity to enhance health, economic and social well-being. Keywords: outreach, education

14. Davis Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group


Address: UC Davis Student Health and Wellness Center, Health Education and Promotion, One Shields Ave.
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Tamara Stirling
Phone: 5307529652
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm

Descriptions: DAODAG provides assessments, education, training and referrals to treatment for students with identified needs related to alcohol, tobacco, or other drug issues. Health Education and Promotion Keywords: Student organizations, education, health, outreach, substance abuse

15. Davis Farm to School


Contact's Position: Davis Farm to School Program Coordinator
Phone: 5302195859
Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays

Descriptions: The mission of Davis Farm to School is to create an educational and cultural environment in our schools that connects food choices with personal health, community, farms, and land.

Founded in 2000, Davis Farm to School supports the Davis Joint Unified School District in its goals of increasing farm fresh foods in school food offerings, reducing solid waste through a comprehensive district recycling program and providing educational opportunities to students and staff through garden-based learning, local farm visits and volunteer/teacher workshops. Davis Farm to School strives to engage the local community by organizing community outreach events and forging lasting partnerships.

Keywords: farm, school, food, education, health, community

16. Davis Police Department

Address: 2600 5th Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Michele Reynolds
Contact's Position: Police Service Specialist
Phone: 5307475419

Descriptions: Citizen Protection. Crime Prevention Unit: Neighborhood Watch Program: Business Watch Outreach: Citizen Presentations such as home security inspection: business presentations such as armed robbery, security tips and inspections, store employees as witnesses, shoplifting prevention, employee safety/violence in the workplace; tours of the station; preschool and other school age children safety presentations: information booths at faires; other internal and external outreach and public contacts as needed.

1) One year commitment
2)Attend Citzens Acamdey Keywords: outreach

17. Designated Drivers Association - California Chapter


Contact Person: Stephanie Bridges
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9162241109

Descriptions: VOLUNTEER FOR THE DESIGNATED DRIVERS ASSOCIATION! More Americans have been killed in drunk driving crashes than all American wars combined. Last year Sacramento experienced a 40% increase in alcohol related deaths. Sadly, almost half (49%) of all people killed in alcohol related fatalities are innocent victims. The majority of people killed in DUI crashes occurs on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.. These are our hours of operation. Additionally, the age group most responsible for the majority of these tragedies is 21-29 year old males and females (males 74% females 26%.) Volunteering for the Designated Drivers Association is a fun, proactive way to get involved in your community and help make a real difference, not to mention help out your peers! If you know someone who has been negatively affected by a drunk driving crash please give back just one night a year to help prevent a tragedy! Must be at least 18 and have a valid drivers license, valid insurance, and a good driving record! Meet new people and have some fun! Visit our website for more info: or call 916-335-5555. "The life you save.... may be someone you love" Keywords: outreach, substance abuse

18. English Teacher Training College


Address: Bahnhofstraße 13 4655 Vorchdorf Austria
Contact Person: Andrew Hunter
Contact's Position: Admissions Officer

Descriptions: Description of organization: The English Teacher Training College and Bilingual Classroom Initiative (ABCi) is a not-for-profit Austrian college with a dual mission: Firstly, as a college to provide a practical education in teacher training for Student Teachers from the English-speaking world based solely on the candidate's academic merit. Secondly, as a charity outreach, to promote language learning, cultural exchange and foster understanding between English-speaking countries and Austria by bringing hundreds of teachers from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, America, Canada, Northern Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia into Austrian classrooms to reach every child with a free English project by the year 2020. Volunteer duties: Teaching young learners in Austrian schools Applying the active learning approach to teaching children and youth the English language Free accommodation, food vouchers and ground transportation provided Keywords: teaching, abroad, education, teacher training

19. Firefighters Burn Institute


Address: 3101 Stockton Blvd
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95820

Contact Person: Peri Henderson
Contact's Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 9167398525
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-6pm

Descriptions: Dedicated to assuring the best possible burn care is available to the citizens of Sacramento and northern and central California communities. Equipment for the UC Davis Regional Burn Center, Shriners Children's Hospital Northern California and Dameron Hospital Burn Unit; supports research directed at gaining new knowledge for the treatment of burn patients; sponsors recovery services for burn survivors such as a summer camp for burn-injured children, school and work re-entry programs and other needed services to help programs and other needed services to help people with severe burn injuries return to as normal a life as possible. Fire and burn prevention information to the public. For more information. Keywords: health, outreach, youth

20. Friends for Survival


Address: P.O. Box 660365
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 958660365

Contact Person: Marilyn Koenig
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9165575882
Hours: Thurs 7:30-9:30pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Information and referral source for community support groups serving those who are grieving; sponsors the Bereavement Outreach program, publishes bereavement resource brochure; speakers bureau. Bereavement Outreach meeting held every Thursday at Sutter Center for Psychiatry, 7700 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento. Educational meetings on grief related topics are held the first and third weeks of the month; open to professionals and the general public. Sharing meetings held two or three times a month for grieving persons and their support people only. For more information, Keywords: health, counseling, outreach

21. Friends for Survival, Inc.


Address: PO Box 214463
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95821

Contact Person: Marilyn Koenig
Contact's Position: President
Phone: 9163920664
Hours: M-Sat 9-9pm

Descriptions: Outreach program for family and friends after a suicide death. Includes peer support and education for survivors by means of meetings, publications, monthly newsletter and lending library of books and tapes. Speakers bureau available for workshops and conferences. Information and referral for local resources. Volunteer opportunities and training. Community awareness program. For more information, Keywords: counseling



Address: 137 N. Cottonwood, Suite 2600
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact's Position: Nutrition and Fitness, Health Program Coordinator
Phone: 5306668645
Hours: M-F 8-5

Descriptions: The Goal is to Educate and Teach Reading, Exercise, Activity, and Diet to Youth GET READY is a mobile outreach program that provides nutrition education, promotes physical activity and encourages literacy among Yolo County communities with limited resources or access to health information. Through the mobile outreach program, parents of children ages 0-8 are motivated to encourage their families to read and lead a healthier lifestyle. Get Ready utilizes a USDA approved curriculum entitled Harvest of the Month as its primary teaching model. Harvest of the Month emphasizes increasing access to fruits and vegetables, preference for selected produce items through taste-testing and cooking demonstrations, participation in daily physical activity and increasing understanding of why it is an important component to a healthy lifestyle, and knowledge of and familiarity with California grown fruits and vegetables. The Get Ready program is offered throughout Yolo County, including sites in Woodland, Davis, Winters, Knights Landing and West Sacramento. For more information about GET READY, please contact the Yolo County Health Department at (530) 666-8645. This project is funded by the Yolo County Health Department Keywords: health, youth, education. Hunger

23. GraceCity Center


Address: 701 Dixieanne Ave
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Emily Mazzariello
Contact's Position: Community Mobilizer
Phone: 9167982533
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm

Descriptions: Are you passionate about fighting human trafficking locally? Do you want to make an impact in the lives of urban youth and families in Sacramento? GraceCity Center is a resource center that serves urban youth and families in Old North Sacramento, Del Paso Heights, and the Dixieanne Neighborhood. Our youth advocates and team seek to empower youth, ages 13 through 30, pursuing their goals in education, employment, and the arts. GCC also provides pro-bono counseling and conducts frequent outreaches in the community. Other resources at the center include a clothes closet, showers, a computer lab, and a large gathering space. Come serve as volunteer support staff during the week or help out at our 2nd Saturday outreaches. Support staff roles may include direct interaction with young people, conducting neighborhood outreach, and helping manage a resource closet and computer lab. Support staff commitment is weekly or bi-weekly during the hours of 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday. GCC's 2nd Saturday is from 11:00-2:00 every 2nd Saturday. We serve the community with lunch, kids activities, sports, an open mic, and caring relationships. At the start of the outreach, there is an orientation at 10:00 am for new volunteers, which makes it a great introductory event for anyone wanting to learn more about the center and what we do. Each event looks a little different; there are often opportunities to work on projects at the center or to be present with neighbors around activities and food. Keywords: hunger, youth, outreach

24. Grassroots Campaigns


Address: 2400 22nd St #230
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Caitlyn Hughes or Hitesh Bussie
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164461100

Descriptions: Grassroots Campaigns specializes in running face-to-face outreach campaigns for progressive advocacy groups, humanitarian organizations, and political campaigns. We are currently working on behalf of a range of partners including the Save the Children, The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Sierra Club, and Oxfam America to raise awareness, identify new supporters, raise funds, and win concrete victories for change. We also run field campaigns to register and mobilize voters, pass legislation through grassroots advocacy, and build long-term volunteer networks. Keywords: Animals, Cultural, Disabled Persons, Education, Emergency, Environment, Health, Housing, Hunger, International, Legal, Lobbyists, Mental Health, Mentor/Tutor, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Women, Youth

25. HandsOn Sacramento


Address: 909 12th Street, Suite 200
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Valeri Mihanovich
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164477063
Hours: M-F 8-noon, 1-5pm

Descriptions: Assists persons living with HIV/AIDS in our community by advocating for their access to needed care and service. For more information, Keywords: outreach

26. KDVS 90.3 FM


Address: 14 Lower Freeborn Hall, UC Davis California
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307520728
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: KDVS provides excellent opportunities for students to learn about radio, production, different music (and cultures), and community outreach. KDVS engages volunteers in an eye-opening look at non-profit media. Keywords: media

27. La Familia Counseling Center


Address: 5523 34th St.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95820

Contact Person: Vidal Gonzalez
Phone: 9164523601
Hours: M,W,F 8am-6pm; T,Th 8am-7pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Multilingual, comprehensive, multi-cultural professional counseling; outreach and supportive services for at-risk youth and families. One-to-one counseling, crisis intervention and supportive services. Year round recreational tutorial program and youth activities. La Familia is recruiting volunteers to be matched with youth involved in the various La Familia program components, such as counseling, supportive services, neighborhood special projects, recreational programs, tutoring or mentoring. Qualifications: Make a commitment of 4 hours a month for the course of a year, fill out an application, get fingerprinted and take a TB test. Keywords: cultural, counseling, mentor/tutor, youth,

28. Lambda Community Center


Address: 1927 L Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Luis Gomez
Contact's Position: Center Manager
Phone: 9164420185
Hours: M-F 12pm-6pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Information and referral to gay supportive services and businesses; rap groups for gay men, lesbians, and gay teens; community resource library; meeting space for gay/lesbian/bisexual organizations. Men's Discussion group, Men's coming Out group, Women's Coming Out group, C.O.D.A meetings, F.T.M.I. Group, S.A.C.W.A meetings, S.G.A. meetings, Sacramento Valley Leather meetings, Leather and Lace meeting. Youth group meets every Friday night at Lambda Caf. Food and entertainment. Keywords: women, men, outreach,

29. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual + Resource Center (LGBTQIA+ Resource Center)


Address: Student Community Center, Suite 1400, 397 Hutchison Drive
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Joanna Villegas
Contact's Position: Office Coordinator
Phone: 5307522452
Hours: Monday:10-4:30pm, Tues-Thurs 10-6pm, Friday 10-5pm

Descriptions: The purpose of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center (LGBTQIA+ Resource Center) is to provide an open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to challenging sexism, cissexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism. We recognize that this work requires a continued process of understanding and dismantling all forms of oppression. We are committed to this process both in our work and in the structure of the Center itself. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center promotes education as well as space for self-exploration about all sexes, genders and sexualities and their intersections with other identities. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center values and honors that we are complex, multifaceted, and whole individuals. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center is a dynamic, responsive and collaborative organization that serves UC Davis and the surrounding region by providing a growing spectrum of programs, resources, outreach and advocacy. Volunteers help make many of the programs and services offered by the UC Davis Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center possible. Volunteers assist with various projects including updating resources, compiling program evaluations, advertising events, and supporting existing programs. The volunteer program welcomes new volunteers every quarter, if you are part of our listerv you should receive the application via email, otherwise please contact Joanna at to be added to our listerv and/or for more information. For more information, visit: Keywords: outreach, education, LGBTQIA

30. My Sister's House


Address: 3053 Freeport Blvd # 120
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Jasmeen Kairam
Contact's Position: Communications and Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9169300626
Hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Descriptions: To serve Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by providing a culturally appropriate and responsive safe haven, job training, and community services. Keywords: women, youth, outreach

31. Opening Doors, Inc.


Address: 2118 K Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Donelle Swain
Contact's Position: Intern and Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9164922591

Descriptions: Our mission is to empower refugees, immigrants, human trafficking survivors, and underserved Sacramento area residents to achieve self-sufficiency by accessing opportunities to mainstream economic and social systems. We do this by providing safe places, skills development, business loans, and connections to community resources, assisting our clients to build financial and personal assets while maintaining their cultural identity and individual goals.

We are located in midtown Sacramento and have been helping refugees and immigrants for over 18 years.

Position availabilities include:

Business Intern:
Interns will focus on programs aimed at asset building and/or microenterprise and microfinance. They will assist refugees, immigrants, and underserved Sacramento area residents in gaining financial independence and succeeding in a challenging economy. Candidates are expected to learn about community outreach, microfinance, and small business development and/or assets development. We are looking for individuals that can work independently, with excellent written and communication skills, and preferably bilingual.

Case Management Intern:
Interns work with Refugees or Survivors of Human Trafficking and gain casework skills as well as advocacy experience. Additionally, interns are exposed to the social welfare system and are taught how to manage client cases. Interns will also be exposed to numerous opportunities to strengthen language skills and further multi-cultural awareness. Applicants must be able to deal with confidential information, possess excellent interpersonal skills, and be preferably bilingual.

Communications Intern:
Interns in this position work closely with the Deputy Director to develop and maintain external organization communications. Interns will have the primary responsibility for maintaining the agencys website and social networking pages and gain first-hand experience working on crafting agency messages and delivering them through various avenues. We are looking for individuals with experience website development and Dreamweaver, and excellent attention to detail.

Grant Writing Intern:
Interns will play a key role in furthering the Opening Doors development efforts. They will learn grant writing basics, research funding opportunities and work with staff to write grant proposals. Applicants will possess excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to work independently, and a willingness to learn the basics of grant writing.

Volunteer Management Intern:
Coordinator works with interns and volunteers who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Intersns with this position assist developing the internship program and should be willing to take initiatibe and work collaboratively with a number of agency teams. For more information go to

Immigration Legal Services Intern:
Interns report to the Director of Immigration Legal Services and assist with case management and outreach. The ILS intern will also be responsible for managing the everyday operations of the ILS program and maintaining an understanding of program objectives and immigration services offered by Opening Doors. Applicants must be fluent in written and spoken Spanish, possess excellent verbal communication skills, and be willing to work in fast-paced environment.

Money Work$ Program Intern:
Interns assist staff in outreach to target communities with information about the MoneyWork$ program. They also assist with curriculum adjustments, class preparation, review of participants homework, and the maintenance of class records and participation. Interns gain a real world understanding of personal finances as they work closely with clients and come to know their issues, difficulties, and successes. Interns also gain valuable writing, communication, and excel skills.

Keywords: international

32. Outreach 360


Address: 7954 West Fetlock trail
City: Peoria State: AZ Zip: 85383

Contact Person: Bryan Linck
Contact's Position: Vice President
Phone: 4802828513
Hours: 8am-9pm EDT

Descriptions: Every day of the year, Outreach360 empowers children to overcome the limitations of poverty through our dynamic education programs fueled by our creative and enthusiastic volunteers. We believe in bringing people together and harvesting the power of collective human potential to transform the world. But, lasting change doesn't happen overnight! It happens when passionate volunteers come together and work to create a better future for all. At Outreach360, we create a safe, affordable, and exciting way for college teams and summer interns to join our cause in transforming the world and giving children a life of choice. Keywords: international, education, youth

33. Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board

Address: 7001A East Parkway
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95823

Contact Person: Maria Morfin
Contact's Position: Health Program Manager
Phone: 9168752055

Descriptions: Twenty member board appointed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to advise the Board of Supervisors and county departments on policies related to community alcohol and drug programs and other matters relating to the community's need for alcohol and drug prevention, treatment, recovery, outreach services, and special projects. Keywords: substance abuse

34. Sacramento County Health and Human Services Department


Address: 7001 East Parkway
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95823

Contact Person: Tammy Liu
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168752027
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Responsible for overall organization and administration of health and human services in Sacramento County delivered through the division of Public Health Promotion and Education, Child Protective Services, Services for Seniors and Adults, Primary Health Services, and Mental Health Promotion, Treatment and Outreach. Programs that use volunteers: Oak Park Health Center (916) 875-2995 Acute episodic care for common childhood illnesses, well child exams, and pediatric immunizations. Primary Care Center (916) 874-9670 Primary care services including treatment for illnesses such as colds, ear infections, hypertension and minor injuries for eligible medically indigent adults. Chest Clinic (916) 874-9823 Screening, preventative therapy and treatment for tuberculosis. AIDS Education and Prevention Unit (916) 875-6022 Community outreach, education and coordination for AIDS prevention. Vital Record (916) 875-5345 Registration and provision of certified copies of birth and death certificates in Sacramento County. Women, Infants and Children Nutrition (916) 427-5500 Supplemental food vouchers for low-income pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and for children older than age 5 who are at nutritional risk. Public Administrator (916) 874-9627 Probates a deceased person's estate under given circumstances. In Home Supportive Services (916) 874-9377 Responsible for the eligibility determination and assessment of need for supportive services for people who need assistance with the activities of daily living, and who cannot remain in their homes without such assistance. Out of Home Care (Adults) (916) 874-9377 Helps individuals who cannot live in their own homes and need help with placement in a licensed board and care home or skilled nursing facility; serves people who do not have a family member or other agency to provide assistance. Adult Protective Services (916) 874-9377 Responsible for the receipt, investigation, and assessment of reports pertaining to abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation of elderly and dependent adults. County Mental Health Treatment Center (916) 875-1000 24-hours phone and walk-ins crisis intervention for children, adolescents and adults, and adult inpatient care. Public Health Nursing Services (916) 648-0982 Service provided in the home. Counseling services to individuals and families regarding health-related problems. Out of Home Care Services for Children (916) 875-5696 Arranges temporary or long-term 24-hours care in a licensed foster home or facility for children unable to remain in their own homes under court order. Senior and Adult Services Division (916) 874-9598 Programs focused on preventing or correcting conditions which cause elderly and dependent adults to be abused, neglected or financially exploited by others. Immunization Program (916) 875-7468 Information resource for public school personnel on implementation of the School Immunization Law Tobacco Education Program (916) 875-5869 Community coordination of tobacco use prevention and education Health Care for the Homeless (916) 875-6180 Service provided at county clinics. Medical, dental and mental health services for homeless people in Sacramento County. Smile Keepers (916) 875-5471 School-based dental health education and prevention program. Childhood Illness & Injury Prevention Program (916) 875-5869 Education for parents and general community on importance of infant and toddler immunizations, home safety, car seat safety and other topics promoting the health of young children through community outreach activities. Care-A-Van (916) 875-0848 Mobile health promotion services including health education, counseling, community outreach, HIV antibody testing, STD testing and treatment, family planning, immunizations and referrals. Keywords: youth, health, elderly, mental health, substance abuse, women

35. Sahaya International


Address: 1504 Portola Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Koen Van Rompay
Phone: 5307569074

Descriptions: Sahaya International consists of a network of friends who volunteer their time to build awareness and support of healthcare, education, environmental and socio-economic grassroots programs in developing countries. Keywords: education, environment, outreach

36. Senior Nutrition Services

Address: 874 F St
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95605

Contact Person: Christine McCracken
Contact's Position: Program Supervisor
Phone: 9164449533
Hours: M-F 7:30-4:30pm

Descriptions: Home-delivered meals five days a week to clients who are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and have no other means of having meals prepared for them. Dining Centers offer congregate noon meals for seniors five days a week, Monday through Friday, at 19 locations throughout Sacramento. Most sites also offer supportive services such as leisure activities, legal aid and health outreach on a scheduled basis. Keywords: hunger, elderly, legal, health, recreation, outreach

37. Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center - Woodland


Address: 927A Main Stret
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 9166616336

Descriptions: Last year, SADVC volunteers assisted over 3,000 people on the 24-hour crisis hotline, served countless hours in our business office, confidential shelter, and supported our mission every day in their work and lives. Our outreach to the community would be impossible without the support and hard work of our volunteers and interns. We have numerous internship and volunteer opportunities, such as: ~Children's Program at the shelter ~Community Group Projects ~Crisis Line Counselor ~Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteer ~Events Committee ~Graphic Designer ~Legal Advocacy Volunteer ~Maintenance/Handyperson ~Men of Strength Program ~Movers ~Program Assistants ~Sexual Assault Emergency Responder Team ~Speaker's Bureau ~Translator Volunteers and staff are required to go thought our 65-hour Peer Counseling Training program before they can work directly with clients. The 65-hour program is California state mandated training. Please review the volunteer job descriptions, training agenda, and call me to schedule an informal interview. I am looking forward to meeting you. The Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center provides assistance to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in Yolo County. Please call the Center's business line for information on our volunteer programs. Keywords: Community Development Counseling Mental Heath Women Keywords: youth

38. Student Recruitment Retention Center


Address: Student Community Center
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Mayra Lamas
Contact's Position: Collective Administrative Director

Descriptions: The Student Recruitment Retention Center is a student-run, student-initiated organization on campus. It is an organization that works for educational equity through recruitment and retention efforts in leadership development. Retention is putting on workshops on campus on time management or other issues relevant to retention, providing general support, or providing a social environment conducive for specific communities.In recruitment, the SRRC does outreach trips to high schools, middle schools and community colleges to get students ready for higher education and encourage them to apply. The SRRC encompases many programs that work to assist students, SAFE (Southeast Asians Furthering Education), Bridge (Pilipino/a), GAAAP (Graduate Academic Acheivement Advocacy Program), NEUE (Natives Empowering Unity through Education), Yikal Kuyum (Latino/a), Collective (all encompassing/Transfer), and ACE (African Diaspora Cultivating Education), working with these programs you will be working in a multi-cultural environment. In addition to putting on workshops, you can find experience with graphic design, campus tours, and even help in a video publicity project. These various programs also put on various leadership retreats to empower and encourage students to be active in their community. Because the SRRC is student-run, there is much freedom in how you decide you want to do things, as you can design your own internship. Or you can work closely with an intern to find other practical experience. Specific experiences can be tailored. You can also gain experience in writing budgets and proposals, and you can intern/volunteer anywhere from a quarter to a year. Yearly internships are paid through a stipend. Volunteers and Interns can work anywhere from a quarter to a year. Applications are received all year, and hiring is at different times for each program. For more information, contact us at the SRRC and refer to our website at

39. Suicide Prevention of Yolo County


Address: P.O. Box 622
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact Person: Ting Ting Lee
Contact's Position: Crisis Line Director
Phone: 5307567542
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: The mission of Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County is to provide crisis prevention and intervention, education and community outreach services to the residents of Yolo County. Play a role in saving the lives of Yolo County residents. Join the dedicated volunteers who answer our phones the first point of human contact in the steps toward mental health. Volunteers undergo a 36-hour training program in which they develop the skills needed to manage issues of depression, suicide, family relationship conflicts and mental illness. Initially, volunteers serve six hours per week and donate a one-year service commitment upon successful completion of the training program. Please join us. Your voice and your ear are more valuable than you can imagine. Volunteers have been, and continue to be the backbone of this agency. Quality training provides volunteers with the opportunity to participate in the increased well-being, not only of themselves, but of the community they live in. Keywords: counseling; emergency; health; mental health; organizations; volunteer groups; youth

40. Tree Davis


Address: P.O. Box 72053
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact Person: Erin Donley Marineau
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 5307587337
Hours: N/A; We do not have a physical office

Descriptions: TREE Davis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about urban trees. Tree plantings, care workshops, and education-specific literature are among the many services TREE Davis provides. Volunteer opportunities include Outreach and Education, Tree Planting, Tree Maintenance, Outdoor Activities, and Manual Labor. Keywords: Environment, tree, education

41. UC Davis Medical Center Trauma Prevention and Outreach Program

Address: 2315 Stockton Blvd 2315 Stockton Blvd
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Contact Person: Christy Adams
Contact's Position: Trauma Prevention Program Coordinator
Phone: 9167349794

Descriptions: We provide injury prevention education in the community through numerous health fairs, safety events, school assemblies and community classes. There are ample opportunities to volunteer with our program at community sites around the Sacramento area. The majority of our community events work with children and are on weekends, however, we also provide safety presentations at local elementary schools during regular school hours. We work with Spanish, Russian and Hmong communities, so multilingual volunteers are always welcome. Volunteer activities can include: Staffing our booth at health and safety fairs Staffing the "safety wheel" at events, asking printed safety questions and handing out incentives Fitting safety helmets on children (training provided) Handing out educational materials at our car seat check up events Assisting with elementary school safety presentations (training provided) Keywords: education, health, youth

42. Veterans Affairs Department


Address: 1111 Howe Avenue, Suite 390
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Phone: 9165667430
Hours: M-F 8-4:30pm

Descriptions: Outreach and individual, group, marriage, family, child, job and education counseling; coordination with other agencies (both VA and non-VA); information, referral and follow-up services. Readjustment counseling to veterans. Treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and related symptoms. Case management, employment support and information assistance. Alcohol and substance abuse counseling and referral. Evening hours for support groups. Keywords: health

43. Visions

Publications:, Facebook: Visions~UC Davis Chapter

Contact Person: Venita Sivamani
Contact's Position: Coordinator

Descriptions: Visions is a global nonprofit organization serving youth and communities through education. We work to enable students, teachers, schools, and non-governmental organizations to become self-sufficient and capable of participating as leaders in today's society. Volunteers frequently travel to Sri Lanka and India to work with youth, to implement projects, and to support local non-profit organizations. Visions is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S.

The Visions Chapter at UC Davis constitutes a group of students committed to eradicating inequality. We hold regular board meetings, outreach events, and fundraisers. We are looking for motivated members and volunteers interested in service, leadership, and international education to join our team.

Keywords: Non profit, youth, education, travel, international



Address: CSI #273 One Shields Ave
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616


Descriptions: In 2001, UC Davis undergraduates and medical students established the Vietnamese Cancer Awareness, Research and Education Society (VN CARES) in response to the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) report that revealed Vietnamese American women had the highest incidence rate of cervical cancer - five times greater than Caucasian women.

VN CARES began working with the Sacramento Vietnamese community to implement three goals:
1. Inform the community about the prevalent types of cancer that affect the target population - namely breast, cervical, and prostate cancer.
2. Educate the community about the benefits of performing regular cancer screenings and the available cancer treatments.
3. Enroll people to receive free cancer screenings.

VN CARES Mission Objectives

Short Term Objectives
* i. Recruit members who will assist VN CARES in helping the community.
* ii.Promote cancer awareness through outreaches and educational presentations.
* iii.Recruit, enroll, and assist Vietnamese individuals into cancer preventative care and cancer treatment programs.
* iv.Gather qualitative and quantitative data about the healthcare services provided to the Vietnamese community.

Long Term Objectives
* i.Reduce the cancer-related disparities in the Vietnamese community.
* ii.Ensure that all Vietnamese individuals obtain skills and knowledge to maintain a cancer reducing lifestyle.
* iii.Participate in the planning and implementation of research activities designed to identify the health care needs of the Vietnamese community.
* iv.Network with other organizations to achieve common objectives.

Keywords: Health, Clinic

45. Volunteers of America


Address: 1900 Point West Way, Suite 270
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Leo McFarland
Contact's Position: President
Phone: 9164423691
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Support services for families, children and seniors; outreach and referral for the homeless mentally ill; re-entry programs for ex-offenders; recovery programs for alcoholics and drug abusers; shelter for the homeless; job placement. Keyword: Volunteer groups

46. We Are Aggie Pride


City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Llisel Ayon
Contact's Position: Volunteer and Community Event Director

Descriptions: We Are Aggie Pride is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2012 by a group of UC Davis students who believed in the importance of keeping fellow students in school during emergency financial situations and difficulties. The organization is run by a board of directors comprised completely of students, and raises its funds through generous donations from students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and friends of the program. Since We Are Aggie Pride is a completely volunteer led organization, it always looks to new volunteers for support in outreach and tabling efforts. This program is successful because of the support of our students and volunteers, so thank you for getting involved! Keywords: students, mentor/tutor, on-campus, clubs

47. Yolo County Department of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health


Address: 137 North Cottonwood Streetq
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Christina Hill-Coillot
Contact's Position: Deputy Director Clinical Services
Phone: 5306668516

Descriptions: The Yolo County Alcohol and Drug Programs Office offers various rehabilitation and prevention programs for youth and adults, in schools and on the job. 1. Employee Assistance Service: a program that helps employers develop and institute alcohol and drug policies. Additionally, the program trains and orients supervisors and employees on dealing with substance abuse problems - how to assess the problem, refer the abuser and make appropriate use of counseling services. 2. Beamer Street Residential Treatment and Detoxification Center: a seven day residential treatment program that provides an educational experience for men and women who wish to develop and maintain a sober lifestyle. The primary focus of the program is relapse prevention and includes group and individual counseling, drop-in support, and a 24-hour crisis line. 3. The School and Youth Outreach Program: functions to prevent and reduce youth alcohol and other drug related problems. The program provides counseling to high risk youth and their families, as well as drug/alcohol assessments, individual and family counseling, peer support groups, parent education, and positive alternatives such as Friday Night Live. The Davis address is 600 'A' Street, and the phone number is 757-5530. We have an office in West Sacramento: 500 Jefferson Blvd. West Sacramento, CA 95691 (916) 375-6350 Community Development Admin Drugs Couns Keywords: Community Development Admin Drugs Couns Substance Abuse

48. Yolo Crisis Nursery


Address: 2100 Fifth Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95618

Contact Person: Ariel Gamba
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 5307586680
Hours: 24 hours/ 7 days a week

Descriptions: The Yolo Crisis Nursery has been created to protect the youngest, most vulnerable children from abuse and neglect- and to help their parents or other caregivers during stressful times. This is a safe and healthy place where Yolo County parents may voluntarily place their children in times of turmoil - since instances of child abuse or neglect significantly increase when caregivers experience high levels of stress without resources, support or relief. The no cost services are for families with young children (5 years and under). The Nursery is a 24-hour care, child friendly home in Davis. While at the Nursery, children receive nutritious meals as well as medical and dental care. They engage in activities appropriate for their stage of development. The Yolo Crisis Nursery is a program that is dependent upon community participation. Thus, our volunteers are a vital part of the Crisis Nursery team. Volunteers allow for the enhancement of the program by lending his/her special skills and time to the children that are served at the Nursery. Volunteers may assist with the daily care of the children, sort donations, assist in fundraising and outreach, and/or perform general housekeeping duties. Direct care volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and shall meet all requirements set forth by FamiliesFirst and Community Care Licensing Regulations. In addition, volunteers must be fingerprinted, to obtain a Criminal Record Clearance and a Child Abuse Record Clearance. Direct care volunteers must also have a (recent -within 1 year) TB test. Keywords: Youth

49. Yolo Food Bank


Address: 1244 Fortna Avenue
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Contact Person: Raymond Bautista
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 5308672305
Hours: 8:30AM - 5PM

Descriptions: The mission of the Food Bank of Yolo County (FBYC) is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in Yolo County. Founded in 1970, FBYC has grown from an all-volunteer effort to a staff of 16 employees and operates out of Woodland, California. 34,420 people in Yolo County struggle with hunger, including children, seniors, single parents, low-income families, and persons with disabilities. Through a network of more than 60 partner agencies, including soup kitchens and food closets, and its own direct distribution programs, FBYC provides food to approximately 20,000 people each month. Volunteer Opportunities: FBYC offers several one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities, including: sorting food donations to create "Variety Boxes" for distribution, Kid's Farmers Market, Friday's Table, and more. Typically, our opportunities are within the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. During the holiday season, we do have several one-time, group opportunities. Please contact us now to learn more! Keyword: Hunger, Health, Outreach, Volunteer groups, food bank, food insecurity, give back, food