Community Service Award

Daphne Carlson

2019 Outstanding and Civic Engagement Award Winner

Daphne is a fourth-year veterinary student at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Much of her time in veterinary school has been spent volunteering with various not-for-profits. One of her favourite organizations that she still volunteers for is the student-run Mercer Clinic for Pets of the Homeless – a free monthly veterinary clinic for pets of the homeless in Sacramento. She also managed the Orphan Kitten Project at UC Davis and helped to take in over and provide new homes to over 200 orphaned kittens. During the California fires, she was lucky enough to care for burned animals at the UC Davis veterinary hospital and vaccinate displaced animals at temporary shelters. She worked with the Wildlife Care Association to take in injured and orphaned wildlife, treat and care for the animals, and then release them back into the wild.

Being able to be a part of so many lives and making a difference, even if it is just one baby bird or newborn kitten, is what Daphne loves about her volunteer work. She is extremely excited to be able to help people who need it. As she continues her career in veterinary medicine, she hopes to continue providing care and stability to local impoverished communities. In her off-time, Daphne enjoys reading, playing video games, and spending time with her two cats and snake.

Daphne Carlson - Civic Engagement Awards

Daphne Carlson - Civic Engagement Awards