How To Apply For Jobs and Internships

AJL is constantly updated with new positions. If you're looking for a position and don't find one, refine or broaden your search and try again tomorrow. If you need help developing your resume, cover letter or preparing for an interview, attend a workshop or get advising.

Search Tips

Since over 100 diverse internship, volunteer, and career positons are posted to AJL every day, searching for a specific type of position can be tricky. Use select keywords and advanced search fields to improve search results and don't miss opportunities to meet employers on campus.

Using Keywords

Some keywords will yield better results:

  • Major - Enter your major and include other information to improve your search (see information below).
  • Position/job title - Enter a job title to search for relevant positions.
  • AJL ID - Enter the 6-digit AJL code pertaining to the position/job title. AJL ID numbers are used to identify jobs in our email subscriptions.
  • Company Name - Search a company to see openings and relevant positions.
  • Position type - Specify the job type and duration by differentiating between an internship, full-time position, part-time position, etc.

Explore different combinations of keywords in your searches.

Use synonyms or similar keywords to achieve more results. For example, a statistics major can search using the following sample keywords “data analyst, mathematics, accounting, etc." For more keywords related to your major visit What Can I do With My Major.

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature of AJL contains additional fields to refine your search. Click on Advanced Search on the right hand side of the search box and use the selection options in different combinations in order to get the most search results. Selecting multiple categories at a time may reduce your results. Start with one of the following options:

  • Select position type
  • Select industry/job function
  • Select major
  • Select location

To narrow your search, use the Show Me: All Jobs and Interviews, All Interviews, All Job Listings drop-down menu.

You can click on ‘Ignore jobs with all majors selected’ to reduce the number of irrelevant job listings.

Try to think broadly. For example, looking for a three-month paid internship within your major in Davis might greatly reduce the job listings that appear, even though there are other listings that apply to you that meet similar, but not exact criteria.

Uploading Documents

  • Under the Documents tab in AJL, you can upload resumes, unofficial transcripts, cover letters and other miscellaneous requirements.
  • Make sure that each document is up to date and specific for each job application. Delete old and out-dated documents to declutter and avoid confusion.
  • To stay organized, you might label each document with the name of the company, position and your name for future identification and clarity when submitting to employer.
  • To download an unofficial transcript, log on to your myucdavis. Under the Academics tab, select Student Records > Academics > Unofficial Transcript.

Updating your Profiles

It is crucial to keep your personal and academic profile up to date because the information you enter into your profile is used to determine your eligibility for on-campus interviews. In most cases, AJL does not update these fields automatically. Go to Profile and click Edit to update your:

  • Degree level
  • Year in school
  • GPA
  • Graduation date
  • Email address
  • Physical address

Connect with Employers on Campus

There are a variety of opportunities to meet with employers looking to fill internships and career positions. Check AJL frequently for:

  • On-campus interviews - click the Jobs/Internships tab > Advanced Search link > Show Me: All Interviews
  • Career fairs - click on Events tab > Career Fairs
  • Company information sessions - click on Events tab > Information Meetings