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The Internship and Career Center (ICC), Education 100 (EDU 100), Human Development and Family Studies (HD & FS), and the University Writing Program (UWP) place teacher's assistants/interns each quarter at local schools. UC Davis students typically begin these internships at the end of September, the second week of January and the end of March/first week of April. Students may be seeking units ( EDU 100, HCD or UWP) and/or transcript notation (ICC). Students enrolled for units are expected to aide or tutor for a total of 30 hours or about 3 hours per week; for transcript notation (TN), s/he must work 4 hours per week (40 hours total). If you are asked to complete an evaluation of your intern for TN and need instruction, email: Ashley Odell

Using this Teacher's Assistant (Intern) Position Listings allows you to enter a listing, close a listing when filled (use the "update an existing listing feature"), and copy an existing listing to revise your listing for the next quarter or school year. All listings expire June 1 so you will need to create a new listing or copy an existing listing after June 1 to make your listing appear for the next school year.

If you have questions/concerns about having UC Davis students as a teacher's assistant/intern and/or about TN, contact: Ashley Odell.

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*These listings are managed by the ICC. Any questions regarding the database, please call 530-752-9777.