Counseling-Related Internships

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Internship Title
Child Life
UCDMC - M.I.N.D. Institute
Description Child Life volunteers work with children with typical development and those with neurodevelopmental disorders in recreational therapy capacities (e.g., reading to children, playing games) while parents are in consultation with professional staff. Volunteers monitor children’s behaviors and note special behaviors for Child Life Specialists and medical providers. Volunteers have the opportunity to observe patient/subject testing via one-way mirrors and attend MIND Institute lectures, speaker series, and events. Volunteers assist with the maintenance of the diagnostic and research clinics through activities such as toy cleaning.
How to Inquire Contact: Erin Roseborough, Child Life Specialist - 916-703-0222 Susan Rumberg , Child Life Specialist - 916-734-6454 Hours: Monday -Thursday 8:00 to 4:30
Contact Person
(person willing to interview/supervise/train or to coordinate on-site placements of student interns)
Name Erin Roseborough Professional (work) title
Phone (school) 916-703-0222 Hrs. available for calls
Phone (home) Email