Join the Camp Adventure Youth Services (Camp A) team for a unique international experience. Be a camp counselor to children of the U.S. military or U.S. embassy staff throughout Europe and Asia for 6-10 weeks (many sites in Japan, Germany and Italy). All majors are welcome!

There are 2 distinct programs:

Benefits of Participation

  • 12 hours of graduate or undergraduate credit from the University of Northern Iowa
  • Travel expenses and housing are paid
  • There is a living stipend of approximately $2600 for 17 weeks (prorated for longer or shorter programs)
  • An opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution, supporting military families
  • Professional training in the child development and/or school-age care fields
  • Network with the world’s largest employer - the Department of Defense
  • Engage in cultural experiences in Europe
  • Build your resume
  • Eligibility to apply for an education award of up to $2300 from AmeriCorps* ProCorps that can be applied to existing student loans or future tuition expense; the award is prorated based on number of weeks. Over $300,000 was allocated to Camp Adventure for 2009. You are eligible!

Summer Program Requirements

In order to participate in Camp Adventure you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have U.S. Citizenship and obtain a passport.
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher (we accept Freshmen Fall grades)
  • Have completed over 200 hours of youth work/volunteer experience in a structured group program. Babysitting and one-on-one tutoring are not sufficient. If you need experience, you can use Handshake or the ICC Teaching Database to find opportunities.
  • Have no misdemeanors or felonies - state and federal background checks will be conducted.
  • Attend one of the Camp Adventure information sessions to receive a screening letter to apply and attend a Leadership Assessment Center (LAC). To find info session dates, go to the ICC calendar of events and search "Camp Adventure" in the keywords field.
  • Attend one all-day LAC Interview & Orientation. If you cannot attend an orientation session, you must email and tell them of your interest in applying to the program.
  • Pay the non-negotiable costs - about $744
    • Uniforms - $195
    • University of Northern Iowa Tuition - $325; 12 units (these units are not transferable to UC Davis, but tuition is required for this program).
    • Training materials - $89
    • Liability insurance - $135

Academic Year Program Requirements

For information about this program and to apply:

  • Call 319-273-5947 or contact The subject line of your email should say INTERNSHIP-UCD/E in caps.
  • Include your phone number/cell number and mailing address.
  • Please briefly describe your educational background and your experiences working or volunteering with children. Provide details, e.g. summer camp counselor for three weeks, full-time with groups of children, ages six to ten; one week religious camp leader with pre-k children, five hours/day; assistant teacher/volunteer at an after-school program, supervised indoor activities, outside play and homework eight hours/week for six months; youth soccer coach, fall 2007, four hours/week for eight weeks. We recommend attaching your resume.