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Planning & Selecting Your International Experience

Overseas internships are a valuable opportunity for experiential learning, allowing you to build an international network of contacts, assess the "match" of a career for you and develop skills that will make you more marketable in today's global economy. There are so many options it's difficult to know where and how to start your search. Here are a few steps to help you find an overseas internship.

1. Assess your abilities
- Do you speak another language? Are you multilingual?
- What are your work-related skills? (These may include word processing, research skills, lab skills, webpage design or computer programing.)

2. Assess your goals
- Why do you want to intern abroad?
- What do you hope to gain for this experience?
- What changes or impact do you hope to make?

3. Determine your budget
- Do you have the money to participate in a program abroad?
- Consider airfare, program fees, travel insurance, housing fees, phone cards, emergency fund, tours, theatre and museum fees.

4. What is your "risk tolerance?"
- Do you need a structured program or can you make the arrangements yourself?
- Do you need to be in a developed country?
- Do you want the adventure of being in a developing country?

5. What coping skills do you have that will set you up for success?
- What will you do if you feel homesick?
- How are you prepared for dealing with the unexpected in another country?
- How well do you deal with stress? Can you apply your coping skils abroad?

6. Here are some sites to help you answer these questions.
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