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HRI: Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers for Students

    1. If I am a freshman, can I use the HRI system?
      Yes, you can! Some private sites will take first year students. However, some internship sites like the UC Davis Medical Center require interns to be at least in their second (sophomore) year. Sophomore status is based on years in college, not units completed.

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    2. During which quarters are HRI internships available and when can I sign up for a pass times?
      Health-Related Internships are offered during all four quarters: fall, winter, spring and summer. The date to sign up for a pass time is available on the ICC website and it is also advertised on the Health and Biological Sciences Listserv.

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    3. I am going to be in Davis for one summer session or I plan to take at least a week of vacation during the summer. Can I still participate in an HRI internship?
      No. The summer quarter internships through HRI span both summer sessions. You must attend your internship for the entire 10 week summer commitment. You cannot “front-load” or “back-load” your internship hours in order to fit in a vacation or only participate during one of the two summer sessions.

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    4. How do pass times work? Am I guaranteed an internship? What if I cannot find an internship that fits my class schedule?
      You can sign up for a pass time in HRI when the system opens each quarter. Dates are announced via the Health and Biological Sciences Listserv and on the ICC website. Pass times are randomly generated. During your pass time, you can sign up for any open internship that you qualify for. If the internship you want is taken, please sign up for the waitlist and attend the designated mandatory ICC orientation meeting in order to be eligible to move from the waitlist into an open slot. Students who register for a pass time in HRI are not guaranteed an internship.

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    5. Can I sign up for multiple internship slots if I am not sure which one I can do?
      No. The system only permits you to sign up for one internship slot or waitlist at a time. Please sign up for an internship only if you are completely certain you can follow through with the requirements and time commitment. If the internship that you want is full, you can sign up for the waitlist.

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    6. What does a TBA time slot mean?
      TBA means “to be arranged,” indicating that you will arrange a mutually agreeable block of time with your internship supervisor. You will attend the internship at the same time each week. Typically, TBA slots have some day and time restrictions, so please read carefully. During the ICC orientation meeting, you will be instructed on how to contact your supervisor and arrange your weekly internship hours.

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    7. The internship slot that I want is now full. What can I do about it?
      If the internship you want is taken, please sign up for the waitlist and attend the mandatory ICC orientation meeting in order to be eligible to move from the waitlist into any slot that might open up.

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    8. Are the mandatory orientation meetings actually mandatory? What if I cannot make the mandatory meeting? Are there any alternatives?
      Yes, the mandatory meetings are MANDATORY. You must attend all the required meetings in order to keep your internship. You may not be late, and you must stay for the entire meeting. There are three types of meetings: ICC Internship Orientation Meetings, Site Orientations, and In-Service Trainings. All internship participants will be required to attend an ICC Orientation Meeting, but only some internships require site orientations and/or in-service trainings. If you have a class that conflicts with any of your required meetings, it is up to you to make arrangements with your instructor in order to attend the meetings. If you are unable to attend a mandatory meeting, you will be dropped from your internship. Please contact in advance if there are extreme circumstances that you would like to discuss.

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    9. Will I be subject to the suspension policy if I sign up for a spot and do not attend the ICC Orientation Meeting?
      No, however you will be dropped from your internship for the quarter. You will be allowed to attempt to sign up again next quarter. If you do attend the ICC Orientation Meeting and stop attending your internship at a later time, you will be subject to the two-quarter suspension policy. If you fail to attend a mandatory site orientation or in-service training, you will be dropped from your internship and placed on the suspension policy.

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    10. How do I learn more about the required immunizations? Where can I get my immunizations?
      Information about required immunizations is available under the internship details as you browse internships in the HRI system. To get your immunizations, you can make an appointment with the Student Health and Wellness Center on campus. Alternatively, you may choose to go to your own private doctor or clinic. Drug stores (such as Rite Aid) administer flu shots. You will need to have your immunizations completed by the time you attend your site orientation (if you do not have a required site orientation, have immunizations completed by the first day of your internship).

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    11. What is my supervisor’s contact information?
      Your supervisor’s contact information will appear in the HRI system after you have attended the ICC Orientation Meeting. During the orientation meeting, you will receive instructions about when it is appropriate to contact your supervisor directly. After the orientation meeting, you will be able to log in to HRI and find their contact information on your internship information page.

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    12. My internship requires a second quarter. How and when can I sign up for my second quarter timeslot? What if it does not fit my schedule?
      During the first quarter of the internship, you will receive an email with directions on how to sign up for the second quarter of your two-quarter internship. Second quarter students will be given a priority pass time for a higher probability that they can fit their internship into their schedule. Unfortunately if you cannot continue your internship for the second quarter because it does not fit into your schedule, you will be subject to the suspension policy and will no longer be eligible for transcript notation.

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    13. What if I have further questions about the HRI system?
      Please email us at

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