Drop-In Advising to get Started

Peer advisers are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday on the 2nd floor of South Hall to assist you with:

  • starting your internship or job search
  • career fair preparation
  • resume and cover letter creation and initial review
  • discovering ICC-maintained internship opportunities

Find a Peer Adviser Who Shares Your Interests

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

For students and alumni interested in agriculture, animal science, ecology and environment, food and beverage, and planning and development

sarah bixler
Sarah Bixler

Major: Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning
Career-related Interests: Sustainable International Development Strategies, & Water Management
Internships: Refugee Resettlement Intern, Ecological Garden Student Farming Intern, Math & Science Teaching Intern
Activities: Cru (Campus Christian Fellowship), Backpacking, Minoring in Global & International Studies (Emphasis in Pacific Island Environmental and Community Health)

Chloe Shott
Chloe Shott

Major: Global Disease Biology
Career-related Interests: Public Health, Vector Borne Infectious Diseases, Medical Entomology, Epidemiology
Internships: Currently interning in the Vector Genetics Laboratory
Activities: Vice-Secretary of Entomology Club, Research Scholars Program in Insect Biology, Anthropology Club

Tiffany Tse
Tiffany Tse

Major: Animal Biology
Career-related Interests: Veterinary Medicine, Research
Internships: Undergraduate Research Assistant at Dr. Pesavento's lab, Knights Landing One Health Clinic, UCD Vet Med Teaching Hospital, Mercer Clinic, CSRC Tutor/Mentor
Activities: Global Disease Biology Club, Vet Aide Club, Pre-Vet Student Supporting Diversity

Maria Zumkeller
Maria Zumkeller

Major: Plant Sciences
Career-related Interests: Agronomy, sustainable agriculture, viticulture, and tea research
Internships: UCANR Kearney Agricultural Research Center, Aggie Grown, Department of Plant Sciences Postharvest Technology Center
Activities: Central Valley Scholars program, Aggie Ambassadors, Davis Hiking Club, SproutUp

Engineering and Physical Sciences

For students and alumni interested in engineering and computer science, and physical sciences

Osereme Ujadughele
Benjamin Chia

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Career-related Interests: Mechatronics, Bio-Tech Informatics, Wearable Technologies, Industrial Design
Internships: Regional San, UC Davis Sports Biomechanics Lab
Activities: Theta Tau, UC Davis Formula Racing

Robin Nguyen
Robin Nguyen

Major: Biochemical Engineering
Career-related Interests: Food and Beverage Industries, Food Science and Nutrition
Activities: American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Dr. Dina St. Clair Lab

saheer siddiqui
Shaheer Siddiqui

Major: Material Science and Engineering
Career-related Interests: Failure Analysis, Metallurgical Engineering, Corrosion Analysis, Semiconductors
Internships: Consolidated Engineering Laboratories, UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center
Activities: Vice President of Coffee Club @ UC Davis

Reagan Woo
Reagan Woo

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Career-related Interests: Resource management, city planning, green infrastructure, empowerment of women in STEM
Internships: Student Assistant at East Los Angeles College Engineering Academy
Activities: Society of Women Engineers, Davis Swing Dancers, Engineers Without Borders

Health and Biological Sciences

For students and alumni interested in biological sciences, and health and medicine

Anh-Tram Bui
Anh-Tram Bui

Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Career-related Interests: Medicine, Mental Health
Internships: Stanford School of Medicine Research Intern, VN CARES Health Educator, UCDMC Emergency Room Intern, CONNECTED Clinic Health Advocate
Activities: Photographer for The California Aggie

Emma Crawford
Emma Crawford

Major: Biotechnology, Minor in French
Career-related Interests: Medicine and Public Health with a focus in Women's Health
Internships: Sutter Davis Hospital Birthing Center, Genomic Health Clinical Operations Intern
Activities: Pi Beta Phi, Biotechnology Club

Janice Ma
Janice Ma

Major: Biological Sciences
Career-related Interests: Dentistry
Internships: Paul Hom Asian Clinic Intern, Plant Lab Research Intern, Dr. Tomaich Oral Surgery
Activities: Mentor for the Biological Sciences Cohort Program

Kate Abe-Ridgway
Kate Abe-Ridgway

Major: Biotechnology
Career-related Interests: Bioinformatics/biotechnology, medicine, public health
Internships: UCLA Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biology, UC Davis Medical Center
Activities: UHP, Kappa Alpha Theta, UC Davis Student Farm, The Pantry

Abibat Oshiobugie-Suleiman
Abibat Oshiobugie-Suleiman

Major: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Career-related Interests: Medicine with an interest in Sickle Cell Anemia, Public Health
Internships: Stanford HCOP, CHORI UCSF Research Intern, Same Day Surgical Center Intern at UCDMC, Lab Research Assistant.
Activities: President of the Nigerian Student Association, Prytenean Women's Honor Society, The Navigators at UC Davis.

Jane Zhang
Jane Zhang

Major: Managerial Economics, Textiles & Clothing
Career-related Interests: Digital Marketing, Consulting, Fashion Buying
Internships: Digital Marketing Intern at McKesson
Activities: Vice President of Alumni Relations at Delta Sigma Pi, First-Year Aggie Connections Peer Mentor, Tutor at Student Academic Success Center

Maddie Singh
Maddie Singh

Major: Psychology with double minor in Economics and Communication
Career-related Interests: Human resources, Management and Counseling
Internships: Intern at the Culture Co-Op, Global Ambassador Mentorship Program and UC Davis Personality and Self-knowledge Lab
Activities: Davis Women in Business

Lauren Tom
Lauren Tom

Major: Human Development and Communications Double Major
Career-related Interests: Education and Counseling
Internships: WalkMe Startup Company Talent Sourcing/Recruiting Intern, Administrative Assistant at Skyline Pet Hospital, Receptionist at Danny Chan Chiropractic Office
Activities: Secretary of Ascend UCD, Member of Alpha Phi Omega

Casey Zhang
Casey Zhang

Major: Sociology--Organizational Studies (emphasis in Business and Society)
Career-related Interests: Human Resources, Human Resources Consulting, Compensation and Benefits
Internships: PLS21 Computers in Technology Intern, Orientation Leader for Student Housing
Activities: Davis Women in Business, UCD Symphony Orchestra (past), Teaching Assistant for PLS21


Cody Bynes
Cody Bynes

Major: Political Science with a concentration in International Relations
Career-related Interests: Counter-terrorism and foreign diplomacy
Internships/Jobs: Maintenance management chief in Unites States Marine Corps, intern for US Congressman
Activities: Vice President of Davis Student Veterans Organization, Marine Corps League

Student Employment

genesis lozano
Spring Hours

Monday: 10:00 am-1:00 pm, 2:00 pm-3:00 pm. 

Tuesday: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm 

Wednesday: 10:30 am-1:00 pm 

Thursday: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

Genesis Lozano

Major: Agriculture and Environmental Education
Career-related Interests: After my undergraduate studies I want to pursue graduate school and a job with Department of Agriculture. I have a lot of interests in helping to preserve our National parks.
Internships: This year I am going to intern in Indianapolis for a week as a National FFA Convention Collegiate Assistant where I will be on an events team that helps plan the National Convention for the future farmers of America students. This opportunity will also help me decide if I can see a future working for this organization after graduation.
Activities: Besides working at the ICC I am also a tour guide for the campus where I meet potential students and their parents and tell them the million of facts regarding Davis. I am also involved with Aggie Ambassadors which is an organization that promotes the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences to students on campus and prospective students.


Christina Huang
Christina Huang

Major: Psycho-biology and Communications
Career-related Interests: Recruiting, Human Resources, Event Planning
Internships/Jobs: The Harker School
Activities: Davis Christian Fellowship (Administration & Fellowship Team)