2019 Winter Internship and Career Fair

Prepare for the Fair Workshop

Find out what to expect, what and how to research, who to see and what to wear at this 50 minute workshop. Dates include:

  • Friday, February 23 | 12:10 p.m., 114 South Hall
  • Monday, February 26 | 2:10 p.m., 114 South Hall
  • Tuesday, February 27 | 1:10 p.m., 114 South Hall

Prepare for the Fair Webshop

Prepare for the Fair Webshop

The Winter Internship and Career Fair is Wednesday, February 27 at the ARC Pavilion and is composed of two events:

The fair is for UC Davis students and alumni only. You’ll be shaking hands and collecting company literature and there is no coat or backpack check, so travel as light as possible.

How to Prepare

Take the following steps to make sure you are prepared for the fair:

  1. Know what employers are coming
    Have a plan. Decide which organizations you are most interested in before the fair.
  2. Have a well-crafted resume
    A good resume should demonstrate your overall fit for a position, but often takes several revisions.
  3. Know how to make an impression
    Be able to concisely say why you would be a good fit for your target company.
  4. Know what employers are interviewing after the fair
    On-campus interviews are a great way to get jobs and internships. Be prepared if you are offered an interview at the fair.
  5. Know what to wear
    What you wear to the fair makes a lasting impression.
  6. Attend company information sessions
    Demonstrate your interest by attending these sessions and gain valuable information for your potential interview