Internship and Career Center Library

This small library in 215 South Hall contains many of the very best career-related books on the job search, interviewing techniques and tips, resume guides, industry information, journals such as the Chronicle of Higher Education and more. Materials can not be checked out, but can be read on site.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Phone: 530-752-2855

The library is open to enrolled students and alumni of UC Davis.

Books in Alphabetical Order

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Title Date Author(s) Reference
100 Careers in the Music Business, 2nd Ed. 2008 Tanja L. Crouch 02.09.00 Cr
100 Conversations For Careers Success 2012 Laura M. Labovich & Miriam Salpeter 50.09.01 La
1000 Best Job Hunting Secrets 2004 Diane Stafford, Moritza Day 50.03.00 St
101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, 2nd Edition 2007 Ron Fry 50.08.01 Fr
101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your Interview 2007 Ron Fry 50.08.01 Fr
101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your Interview [2nd copy] 2007 Ron Fry 50.08.01 Fr
101 Tips for Graduates 2005 Wendy S. Enelow 50.04.01 Mo
120 Jobs That Won't Chain You To Your Desk 2007 Princeton Review 20.01.02 Pr
15 Minute Cover Letter 2005 Michael Farr 50.07.00 Fa
150 Best Jobs for Your Skills 2008 Michael Farr, Laurence Shatkin 50.02.00 Fa
201 Knockout Answers To Tough Interview Questions 2010 Linda Matias 50.08.01 Mat
25 Jobs That Have it All, 2nd Edition 2004 Ferguson 20.02.01 Fe
25 Top Consulting Firms 2006 Wet Feet Insider Guide 60.01.00 We
250 Best Paying Jobs 2007 Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin 20.01.02 Fa
28 Takes: The Art of College Teaching 2005 Marilyn Kallet and April Morgan, editors 90.04.05 Ka
40 Best Fields for your Career 2006 Michael Farr, Laurence Shatkin 20.02.01 Fa
50 Best Jobs for Your Personality 2009 Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin 50.02.00 Fa
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
A Day In the Life 2007 Priscilla K. Shontz 14.03.00 Sh
A Foot in the Door Networking Your Way Into the Hidden Job Market 2008 Katharine Hansen 50.09.01 Ha
A Handbook for Counseling International Students in the United States 2007 Hemla D. Singaravelu and Mark Pope 40.02.02 Si
A Ph.D. is Not Enough! A Guide to Survival in Science 2011 Peter J. Feibelman 90.00.00 Fe
A Strength-Based Approach to Career Development Using Appreciate Inquiry 2007 Donald A. Schutt, Jr. 40.03.01 Sc
A Successful Artist's Career Guide 2012 Margaret Peot 01.04.00 Pe
A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing 2001 Lorin W. Anderson and David R. Krathwohl, editors 90.04.05 An
Academia to Biotechnology 2005 Jeffrey M. Gimble 90.02.00 Gi
Academic Scientist at Work Navigating the Biomedical Research Career 2003 Jeremy M. Boss, Susan H. Eckert 90.04.00 Bo
Academic Scientists at Work: Navigating the Biomedical Research Career 2003 Jeremy M. Boss 90.04.00 Bo
Ace Your Teacher Interview 2012 Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed. D. 90.00.00 Fr
Acing the Interview 2008 Tony Beshara 50.08.01 Be
Active Learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom 1991 David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Karl A. Smith 90.04.05 JO
Advice for New Faculty Members 2000 Robert Boice 90.04.01 Bo
Advice for New Faculty Members Nihil Nimus 2000 Robert Boice 90.04.01 Bo
Alterantive Careers in Science: Leaving the Ivory Tower 2006 Cynthia Robbins- Roth, Editor 90.02.00 Ro
Alterantive Careers in Science: Leaving the Ivory Tower [3rd copy] 2006 Cynthia Robbins- Roth, Editor 90.02.00 Ro
Alternative Careers in Science: Leaving the Ivory Tower [2nd copy] 2006 Cynthia Robbins-Roth, Editor 90.02.00 Ro
Alternatives to the Peace Corps, 11th Ed. 2008 Caitlin Hachmyer 13.04.02 Ha
American's Top 101 Jobs for College Graduates, 6th Ed. 2005 Michael Farr, JIST Works 20.01.00 Fa
American's Top 300 Jobs, 9th Edition 2004 JIST Works 50.01.00 Ji
America's 101 Fastest Growing Jobs, 8th Ed. 2005 J. Michael Farr 20.02.00 Fa
America's Top 101 Computer & Technical Jobs, 2nd Ed. 2004 Michael Farr 07.04.00 Fa
And Gladly Teach: A Resource Book for Chemists Considering Academic Careers None A. Truman Schwartz, Ronald Archer, Amina El-Ashmawy, David Lasvallee, Rebecca Eikey 90.04.00 Sc
Asperger's On The Job 2010 Rudy Simone 70.05.04 Si
At the Bench A Laboratory Navigator 1998 Kathy Barker 90.04.07 Ba
At the Helm 2002 Kathy Barker 90.04.07 Ba
Aviation and the Aerospace Industry 2005 Susan Echaore-McDavid 06.02.08 Ec
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Becoming A Graphic Designer, 3rd Edition 2006 Steven Heller, Teresa Fernandes 01.04.06 He
Becoming a Product Designer 2004 Bruce Hannah 06.01.00 Ha
Becoming an Interior Designer 2004 Christine Piotrowski 01.04.09 Pi
Becoming and Effective Supervisor: A Workbook for Counselors and Psychotherapists 2000 Jane M. Campbell 40.04.00 Ca
Best 2004 Entry-Level Jobs 2004 Ron Lieber, Tom Meltzer 20.02.01 Li
Best Entry-Level Jobs 2005 Ron Lieber 50.04.01 Li
Best Jobs for the 21st Century, 4th Ed. 2006 Michael Farr 20.01.00 Fa
Best Resumes for College Students and New Grads. 2006 Louise M. Kursmark 50.06.01 Ku
Beyond Talent Creating a Successful Career in Music 2005 Angela Myles Beeching 02.09.00 Be
Black Enterprise Guide to Building Your Career 2002 Cassandra Hayes 70.06.04 Ha
Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Career Strategies for Asians 2006 Jane Hyun 70.08.04 Hy
Bridges to Independence: Fostering the Independence of New Investigators in Biomedical Research 2995 National Research Council of the National Academies 90.04.07 NRC
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
California Public School Directory 2004 California Dept. of Education 14.02.11 Cd
Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview? The Crash Course in Finding, Landing and Keeping Your First Real Job. 2009 Ellen Gordon Reeves 50.01.00 Re
Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview? The Crash Course in Finding, Landing, and Keeping Your First Real Job [missing] 2009 Ellen Gordon Reeves 50.01.00 Re
Career Advice for Life Scientists Women in Cell Biology 2002 The American Society For Cell Biology 90.02.00 ASCB
Career Counseling & Hidden Disabilities: The Neurodiverse Client (DVD) 2009 Jan Johnston-Tyler 40.02.00 Jo
Career Counseling and Services 2004 James P. Sampson, Robert C. Reardon, Gary W. Peterson and Lanet G. Lenz 40.01.00 Sa
Career Development in Bioengineering and Biotechnology [missing] 2008 Guruprasad Madhavan, Barbara Oakley, Luis Kun, Editors 07.11.00 Ma
Career Diplomacy Life and Work in the U.S. Foreign Service 2008 Harry W. Kopp and Charles A. Gillespie 13.04.01 Ko
Career in Focus: Computer and Video Game Design 2005 Ferguson Publishing Co. 07.04.02 Fe
Career Opportunities In Agriculture, Food, And Natural Resources 2011 Susan Echaore-McDavid and Richard A. McDavid 05.01.00 Ec
Career Opportunities In Biotechnology and Drug Development 2008 Toby Freedman 90.02.00 Fr
Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development [2nd copy] 2008 Toby Freedman 90.02.00 Fr
Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development [3rd copy] 2008 Toby Freedman 90.02.00 Fr
Career Opportunities in Conservation and the Enviroment 2008 Paul R. Greenland, Annamarie L. Sheldon 05.01.00 Gr
Career Opportunities in Law and the Legal Industry, 2nd Ed. 2007 Susan Echaore-McDavid 12.02.00 Ec
Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science 2005 Linda Carvell 14.03.00 Ca
Career Opportunities in Photography 2006 George Gillbert 01.04.07 Gi
Career Opportunities in the Film Industry, Second Edition 2009 Fred Yager and Jan Yager 02.03.00 Ya
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry, 3rd Ed. 2004 Shelly Field 17.02.00 Fi
Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry, 3rd Ed. [2nd copy] 2004 Shelly Field 17.02.00 Fi
Career Opportunities in the Travel Industry 2004 Judy Colbert 16.02.00 Co
Career Opportunities in the Visual Arts 2006 Richard Clark and Pamela Fehl 01.04.00 Cl
Career Opportunities in Theater & Performing Arts, 3rd Ed. 2006 Shelly Field 02.02.01 Fi
Career Opportunities in Writing 2005 James Robert Parish, Allan Taylor 01.01.00 Pa
Career Opportunities Working With Animals 2012 Shelly Field 05.03.00 Fi
Career Opportunties in the Nonprofit Sector 2006 Jennifer Bobrow Burns 15.01.00 Bu
Career Options for Biomedial Scientist 2015 Kaaren Janssen and Richard Sever 90.02.00 JA
Career PREParation: A Transition Guide for Students 2004 George M. Dupuy 50.05.01 Du
Careers for Animal Lovers & Other Zoological Types, 3rd Edition 2007 Louise Miller 05.03.00 Mi
Careers for Aquatic Types & Others Who Want to Make a Splash 2008 Blythe Camenson 17.04.00 Ca
Careers for Book Worms & Other Literary Types 2004 Marjorie Eberts, Margaret Gisler 01.01.00 Eb
Careers for Born Leaders and Other Decisive Types 2005 Blythe Camenson 20.02.01 Ca
Careers for Courageous People and Other Adventurous Types 2004 Jan Goldberg 20.02.01 Go
Careers for Crafty People & Other Dexterous Types, 3rd Ed. 2006 Mark Rowh 01.04.00 Row
Careers for Cybersurfers & Other Online Types, 2nd Ed. 2004 Marjorie Eberts, Rachel Kelsey 07.04.00 Eb
Careers for Financial Mavens and Other Money Movers 2004 Marjorie Eberts, Margaret Gisler 10.01.00 Eb
Careers for Health Nuts & Others Who Like to Stay Fit, 2nd Edition 2004 Blythe Camenson 04.01.00 Ca
Careers for High-Energy People and Other Go-Getters 2004 Marjorie Eberts 20.02.01 Eb
Careers for Music Lovers & Other Tuneful Types 2004 Jeff Johnson 02.09.00 Jo
Careers for Mystery Buffs and Other Snoops and Sleuths, 2nd Ed. 2004 Blythe Camenson 20.01.00 Ca
Careers for Plant Lovers & Other Green Thumb Types, 2nd Edition 2004 Blythe Camenson 05.04.01 Ca
Careers for Scientific Types & Others with Inquiring Minds 2007 Jan Goldberg 03.01.00 Go
Careers for Self-Starters and Other Entrepreneurial Types, 2nd Ed. 2004 Blythe Camenson 20.02.01 Ca
Careers for Sports Nuts & Other Athletic Types, 3rd Ed. 2004 Ray Heitzmann 17.02.00 He
Careers in Accounting, 4th Edition 2006 Gloria L. Gaylord, Glenda E. Ried 10.02.00 Ga
Careers in Advertising and Public Relations 2006 Wet Feet Insider Guide 11.01.00 We
Careers in Advertising, VGM Professional Careers Series, 3rd Ed. 2004 S. Willaim Pattis 11.02.00 Pa
Careers in Art 2007 Blythe Camenson 01.01.00 Ca
Careers in Business 2005 Lila B. Stair and Leslie Stair 09.01.00 St
Careers in Communications, 4th Ed. 2005 Shonan Noronha 02.01.00 No
Careers in Education, 4th Edition 2004 Roy A. Edelfelt 14.02.00 Ed
Careers in Entertainment and Sports 2006 Michael Ribas 02.06.03 Ri
Careers in Finance 2004 Trudy Ring 10.01.00 Ri
Careers in Focus: Business, 2nd Ed. 2005 Ferguson 09.01.00 Fe
Careers in Focus: Geriatric Care, 2nd Ed. 2005 Ferguson Publishing Co. 04.03.05 Fe
Careers in Food Science: From Undergraduate to Professional 2008 Richard W. Hartel, Christina P. Klawitter 05.06.02 Ha
Careers in Health Care, 5th Edition 2005 Barbara M. Swanson 04.01.00 Sw
Careers in High Tech 2007 Nicholas Basta 07.01.00 Ba
Careers in Horticulture and Botany, 2nd Ed. 2007 Jerry Garner 03.02.04 Ga
Careers in Information Technology 2006 Wet Feet Insider Guide 07.04.00 We
Careers in International Affairs, Eighth Edition 2008 Maria Pinto Carland, Candace Faber Editors 13.01.00 Pi
Careers in International Business 2003 Edward J. Halloran 13.05.00 Ha
Careers in Journalism 2005 Jan Goldberg 01.02.02 Go
Careers in Law, Third Edition 2004 Gary a. Munneke 12.02.00 Mu
Careers in Marketing and Market Research 2006 Wet Feet Insider Guide 11.03.00 We
Careers in Medicine, 3rd Ed. 2006 Terence J. Sacks 04.01.00 Sa
Careers In Renewable Energy 2008 Gregory McNamee 05.02.04 Mc
Careers in Science, 4th Edition 2004 Thomas A. Easton 03.01.00 Ea
Careers in Sport, Fitness, and Exercise The authoritative guide for landing the job of your dreams 2011 American Kinesiology Association, Shirl J. Hoffman, Project Coordinator 17.02.00 AKA
Careers in the Environment 2007 Mike Masulo and Paul Walker 05.02.00 Fa
Careers with Animals: Exploring Occupations Involving Dogs, Horses, Cats, Birds, Wildlife, and Exotics 2005 Ellen Shenk 05.03.00 Sh
Chalk Talk E-advice from Jonas Chalk Legendary College Teacher 2004 Donna M. Qualters, Miriam Rosalyn Diamond 90.04.05 Qu
Chemistry ConcepTests A Pathway to interactive Classrooms 2001 Clark R. Landis, Arthur B. Ellis, George C. Lisensky, Julie K. Lorenz, Kathleen Meeker, Carl C. Wamser 90.04.05 La
Collaborative Learning Techniques 2005 Elizabeth Barkley, K. Patricia Cross, Claire Howell Major 90.04.09 Ba
College: We Make the Road By Walking, 2nd Edition 2007 Margit Misangyi Watts 90.04.09 Wa
Community Services Directory, 56th Ed. 2007 Nancy Findeisen, Pres. 80.04.02 Fi
Compensation of Life Sciences in the United States of America, 16th Edition [missing] 2006 Steven Langer 03.02.00 La
Competency Based Interviews 2006 Robin Kesler 50.08.01 Ke
Computer Jobs 2008 Info Tech Employment 07.01.00 In
Confessions of a Community College Administrator 2013 Matthew Reed 90.04.01 Re
Confessions of a Recruitment Director 2006 Brad Karsh 50.01.00 Ka
Confessions of an Introvert 2006 Meghan Wier 50.09.02 Wi
Cool Careers for Dummies, 3rd Edition 2007 Marty Nemko 50.03.00 Ne
Coping with College: A Guide for Academic Success, 3rd Edition 2007 Alice L. Hamachek 90.04.09 Ha
Coping With Faculty Stress 1993 Michael Alley 90.04.01 Gm
Counselor Supervision 2001 Loretta J. Bradley and Nicholas Ladany 40.04.00 Br
Creating Gender Equality in Your Teaching [missing] 1994 Robby Henes 90.04.05 He
Creating Gender Equity In Your Teaching 1994 Robby Henes 90.04.05 He
Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses 2003 L. Dee Fink 90.04.05 Fi
Creating Your Career Portfolio: At A Glance Guide for Students, 3rd Ed. 2005 Anna Graf Williams, Karen J. Hall 50.08.00 Wi
Creative Careers: Paths for Aspiring Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers 2007 Elaina Loveland 02.01.00 Lo
Culture-Centered Counseling and Interviewing Skills 1993 Paul B. Pedersen and Allen Ivey 40.02.02 Pe
CV Handbook 2011 Will Coghill-Behrends & Rebecca Anthony 90.01.00 Co
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Delaying the Real World 2005 Colleen Kinder 13.01.00 Ki
Developing Talents Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism 2008 Temple Grandin and Kate Duffy 70.05.04 Gr
Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes, 3rd Edition 1996 Gary Gottfredson, John Holland 40.03.02 Go
Discussion As a Way of Teaching: Tools and Technologies for Democratic Classrooms, 2nd Ed. 2005 Stephen Dr. Brookfield, Stephen Preskill 90.04.05 Br
Ditch The Flip-Flops 2007 Sylvia I. Landy 50.08.01 La
Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type, 4th Ed. 2007 Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron-Tieger 50.02.00 Ti
Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type, 4th Ed. [2nd copy] 2007 Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron-Tiegar 50.02.00 Ti
Don't Take the Last Donut 2009 Judith Bowman 50.10.02 Bow
Double Outsiders: How Women of Color Can Succeed in Corporate America 2007 Jessica Faye Carter 70.02.04 Ca
Dress To Impress 2012 Joyce Nelson Shellhart 50.10.02 Ne
Dressing Smart for Men 2004 JoAnna Nicholson 50.10.02 Ni
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Educating Citizens: Preparing America's Undergraduates for Lives of Moral and Civic Responsibility 2003 Anne Colby, Thomas Ehrlich, Elizabeth Beaumont, Jason Stephens 90.04.05 Co
Effective Teaching: A Workshop 2002 Richard M. Felder, Ph.D., Rebecca Brent, Ed.D. 90.04.05 Fe
Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, 14th Ed. 2008 Feguson 20.01.02 Fe
Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classrooom 2001 John C. Bean 90.04.05 Be
Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience For Scientists and Engineers 2000 National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine 90.04.07 NAS
Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling, 2nd Ed. 2003 R. Rocco Cottone, Vilia M. Tarvydas 40.02.04 Co
Expert Resumes for Teachers and Educators, 2nd Ed. 2005 Wendy S. Enelow, Louise M. Kursmark 50.04.05 En
Expert Resumes for Teachers and Educators. 2005 Wendy S. Enlow and Louise M. Kursmark 50.06.02 En
EZ Occupational Outlook Handbook 2007 Just Editors 20.01.02 Ji
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
FBI Careers, 2nd Edition 2006 Thomas H. Ackerman 12.06.07 Ac
Federal Resume Guidebook, 4th Ed. 2007 Kathryn Kraemer Troutman 12.06.01 Tr
Ferguson's Careers in Focus: Design, 2nd Ed. 2005 Ferguson 01.04.00 Fe
Fifty Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers 2008 Ursula Furi-Perry 12.02.00 Fur
Finding a Career That Works for You, 2nd Ed. 2006 Wilma R. Fellman 50.02.00 Fe
Finding an Academic Job 1998 Karen Sowers-Hoag 90.03.00 So
Finding an Academic Job [2nd copy] 1998 Karen Sowers-Hoag 90.03.00 So
Finding The Open Road: A Guide to Self-Construction Rather Than Mass Production 2005 Mike Marriner, Brian Mcallister, Nathan Gebhard 50.02.00 Ma
Finding The Open Road: A Guide to Self-Construction Rather then Mass Production 2005 Mike Marriner, Brian McAllister, Nathan Gebhard 20.02.01 Ma
Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching 2004 Randall D. Knight 90.04.05 Kn
For All Your Worth: Getting that Academic Job in Today's Market 1999 Beth Maclay Doriani 90.03.00 Do
From Student to Scholar A Candid Guide to Becoming a Professor 2008 Steven M. Cahn 90.04.01 Ca
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Get Hired Fast! 2005 Brian Graham 50.03.00 Gr
Get The Interview Every Time [missing] 2004 Brenda Greene 50.01.00 Gre
Getting an Academic Job: Strategies for Success 1997 Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld and Marcia Lynn Whicker 90.03.00 Kr
Getting From College to Career 2007 Lindsey Pollak 50.09.02 Po
Getting from College to Career 2007 Lindsey Pollack 50.01.00 Po
Getting It Published: A Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious about Serious Books, 2nd Ed. 2008 William Germano 90.04.04 Ge
Getting Tenure 1993 Marcia Whicker, Jennie Kronenfeld, Ruth Ann Strickland 90.04.06 Wh
Getting the Job You Really Want, 5th Ed. [missing] 2007 J. Michael Farr 50.01.00 Fa
Getting What You Came For, Revised Edition 1997 Robert L. Peters 90.04.08 Pe
Giants Among Us: First Generation College Graduates Who Lead Activist Lives 2001 Sandria Rodriguez 90.04.09 Ro
Go Global! 2011 Stacie Berdan 13.01.00 Be
Government Jobs in America 2009 The Editors of Government Job News 12.06.01 Go
Graduate Study For The 21st Century 2010 Gregory Colon Semenza 90.04.08 Co
Grant Writers' Seminars and Workshops, LLC 2003 David C. Morrison and Stephen W. Russell 90.04.07 USDA
Great Answers! Great Questions! 2004 Jay Block, Michael Betrus 50.08.00 Bl
Great Jobs for Anthropology Majors 2004 Blythe Camenson 15.05.02 Ca
Great Jobs for Biology Majors, 2nd Edition 2004 Blythe Camenson 03.02.01 Ca
Great Jobs For Business Majors 2009 Stephen Lambert 09.01.00 La
Great Jobs for Chemistry Majors 2006 Mark Rowh 03.03.09 Ro
Great Jobs for Economics Majors, 2nd Ed. 2006 Blythe Camenson 15.05.06 Ca
Great Jobs for Engineering Majors, 3rd Ed. 2008 Geraldine Garner 06.01.00 Ga
Great Jobs for English Majors 2006 Julie DeGalan, Stephen Lambert 01.02.00 De
Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors 2008 Julie DeGalan, Bryon Middlekauff 05.02.00 De
Great Jobs for Film Majors 2004 Sandra R. Gordon 02.03.00 Go
Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors, 3rd Ed. 2007 Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert 01.01.00 De
Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors, 3rd Edition [2nd copy] 2007 Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert 01.01.00 De
Great Jobs for Geology Majors 2007 Blythe Camenson 03.03.05 Ca
Great Jobs for History Majors, 3rd Ed. 2008 Stephen Lambert, Julie DeGalan 15.05.05 La
Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors, 3rd Ed. 2008 Blythe Camenson 01.01.00 Ca
Great Jobs for Math Majors 2006 Stephen E. Lambert and Ruth J. DeCotis 03.04.00 La
Great Jobs for Music Majors 2004 Jan Goldberg 02.09.00 Go
Great Jobs for Physical Education Majors 2004 Nancy Giebel 17.02.05 Gi
Great Jobs for Political Science Majors, 2nd Ed. 2004 Mark Rowh 12.05.00 Ro
Great Jobs for Psychology Majors 2006 Julie DeGalan, Stephen Lambert 15.01.00 De
Great Jobs for Sociology Majors, 3rd Ed. [missing] 2009 Stephen Lambert 15.05.01 La
Great Jobs for Theater Majors 2004 Jan Goldberg 02.02.00 Go
Green Careers Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future [missing] 2009 Jim Cassion and Alice Rush 05.02.00 Ca
Green Volunteers: The World Guide to Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation 2007 Fabio Ausenda 05.01.00 Au
Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters 3.0 2011 Jay Conrad Levinson, David E. Perry, Foreword by Darren Hardy, Publisher, Success Magazine 50.10.02 Co
Guide to America's Federal Jobs 2009 Karol Taylor and Janet M. Ruck 12.06.01 Ta
Guide to America's Federal Jobs: A Complete Directory of U.S. Government Career Opportunities 2005 Bruce Maxwell & JIST Editors 12.06.01 Ma
Guide to Internet Job Searching 2006 Margaret Riley Dickel, Frances E. Roeh 50.03.01 Di
Guide to Nontraditional Careers in Science 1999 Karen Young Kreeger 90.02.00 Kr
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Handbook for Academic Authors, 4th Edition 2002 Beth Luey 90.04.04 Lu
Handbook of Administrative Supervision 1987 Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 40.04.00 As
Handbook of Career Development in Academic Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 2006 Laura Weiss Roberts, Donald M. Hilty 90.04.00 Rob
Have No Career Fear 2004 Ben Cohen-Leadholm 50.04.01 Co
Health Care Careers Directory 2008 American Medical Association 04.01.00 Am
Highly Effective Networking 2009 Orville Pierson 50.09.01 Pi
Honored but Invisible: Inside Look at Teaching in C.College 1999 W. Norton Grubb & Assoc. 90.04.00 Gr
How People Learn Brain, Mind, Experience, and School - 2 2000 National Research Council 90.04.05 Br
How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School 2000 John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown, Rodney R. Cocking, editors 90.04.05 Br
How Students Learn History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom 2005 National Research Council 90.04.05 NRC
How to Break into Pharmaceutical Sales: A Headhunter's Strategy 2007 Tom Ruff 04.02.06 Ru
How To Complete and Survive A Doctoral Dissertation 1981 David Sternberg 90.04.04 St
How To Find, Win & Hold Onto the Job of Your Dreams [missing] 2013 Peter Weddle 50.02.00 We
How to Get a State Job 2008 Ken Mandler 12.06.02 Ma
How to Get Any Job With Any Major 2004 Donald Asher 50.04.01 As
How To Get The Teaching Job You Want: The Complete Guide for College Graduates, Teachers Changing Schools, Returning Teachers and Career Changers 2004 Robert Feirsen & Seth Weitzman 14.02.00 Fe
How To Land A Top-Paying Federal Job 2012 Lily Madeleine Whiteman 12.06.01 Wh
How to Make Effective Presentations 1996 Elizabeth P. Tierney 90.04.05 Ti
How to Succeed in Academics 2000 Linda & Edward McCabe 90.04.00 Mc
How to Survive The Real World 2006 Andrea Syrtash, Editor 50.03.00 Sy
How to Work With the Media 1993 James Alan Fox, Jack Levin 90.04.05 Fo
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
If At First... How Great People Turned Setbacks Into Great Success 2004 Laura Fitzgerald 50.02.00 Fi
Ignite The Fire 2012 Jonathan Goodman, CSCS 17.02.02 Go
I'm an English Major - Now What? 2006 Tim Lemire 01.02.00 Le
Improving Your Classroom Teaching 1996 Maryellen Weimer 90.04.05 We
Industries and Careers for Undergrads 2005 WetFeet 20.01.00 We
Inside a U.S. Embassy 2005 Shawn Dorman, Editor 13.04.01 Do
Integrating Key Skills in Higher Education 2000 John C. Ory, Katherine E. Ryan 90.04.05 Fa
International Jobs: Where They are, How to Get Them 2004 Nina Segal, Eric Kocher 13.01.00 Se
International Voluntary Work 2007 Victoria Pybus 13.01.00 Py
Interview Magic: Job Interview Secrets from America's Career and Life Coach 2005 Susan B. Whitcomb 50.08.01 Wh
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Jails To Jobs 2014 Mark Drevno 50.04.00 Md
Job Hunting in San Francisco: Wet Feet in the City 2006 Wet Feet Insider Guide 60.04.03 We
Job Search and Career Checklists: 101 Proven Time Saving Checklists 2005 Arlene S. Hirsch 50.03.00 Hi
Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities 2004 Daniel J. Ryan 70.05.04 Ry
Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities, 3rd Edition 2011 Daniel J. Ryan, Ph. D. 70.05.04 Ry
Job Search in Academe 1999 Dawn M. Formo, Cheryl Reed 90.03.00 Fo
Job Search Magic 2006 Susan Britton Whitcomb 50.03.00 Wh
Job Seekers Online Gold Mine 2006 Janet E. Wall, Ed.D. 50.03.01 Wa
Job Seekers Online Gold Mine [missing] 2006 Janet E. Wall, Ed.D. 50.03.01 Wa
Jobs and Careers Abroad, 13th Edition 2006 Guy Hobbs, Editor 13.01.00 Ho
John Douglas' Guide to Landing a Career in Law Enforcement 2004 John Douglas 12.03.01 Do
John Douglas' Guide to Landing a Career in Law Enforcement 2004 John Douglas 12.03.01 Do
Just-In-Time Teaching: Blending Active Learning with Web Technology 1999 Gregor M. Novak, Evelyn T. Patterson, Andrew D. Gavrin, Wolfgang Christian 90.04.05 No
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Keys to Effective Learning: Developing Powerful Habits of the Mind, 5th Ed. 2008 Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, and Sarah Lyman Kravits, editors 90.04.09 Ca
Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More Than 60 Countries, 2nd Ed. 2006 Wayne A. Conaway, Terri Morrison 13.05.00 Co
Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters, 8th Ed. 2012 Martin Yate 50.07.00 Ya
Knock 'em Dead Resumes, 8th Ed. 2008 Martin Yate 50.06.01 Ya
Knowledge Nomads and the Nervously Employed: Workplace Change & Courageous Career Choices 2005 Rich Feller, Judy Whichard 50.05.01 Fe
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Landing A Job in Academic Biology 2007 C. Ray Chandler 90.03.00 Ch
Lean IN 2013 Sheryl Sandberg, Nell Scovell 70.02.04 Sa
Learning a Living - A Career Planning Guide for People with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia 2000 Dale S. Brown 70.05.04 Br
Learning To Think: Disciplinary Perspectives 2002 Janet Gail Donald 90.04.05 Do
Leaving the Lectern 2005 Dean A. McManus 90.04.05 Mc
Leveraging Diversity at Work 2006 Kim Oliver & Sylvester Baugh 70.01.04 Ol
Life Sciences Research for the Successful Job Hunt - 1 2002 The American Society For Cell Biology 90.04.07 ASCB
Life Sciences Research for the Sucessful Job Hunt [2nd copy] 2002 The America Society for Cell Biology 90.04.07 ASCB
Live and Work in Italy 2005 Victoria Pybus 13.01.00 Py
Live and Work in Spain 2005 Guy Hobbs 13.01.00 Ho
Looking At Type: A Trainer's Introductory Workshop Script [missing] 1983 Jane A. G. Kise 40.03.01 Ki
Looking At Type: The Fundamentals [missing] 1997 Charles R. Martin, PhD 40.03.01 Ma
Luck Is No Accident [missing] 2010 John D. Krumboltz, Ph.D., Al S. Levin, Ed.D. 50.04.01 Kru
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Title Date Author(s) Reference
Majoring in Psych? Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates, 4th Ed. 2009 Betsy L. Morgan, Ann J. Korschgen 15.02.01 Mo
Make Your Contacts Count: Networking Know-How for Business and Career Success 2007 Anne Baber, Lynne Waymon 50.09.01 Ba
Making the Most of College 2001 Richard J. Light 90.04.09 Li
Managing Scientists Leadership Strategies in Scientific Research 2004 Alice M. Sapienza 90.04.07 Sa
Marketing For Scientists 2012 Marc J. Kuchner 90.02.00 Ku
Mastering the Case Interview, 4th Ed. 2007 Alexander Chernev 50.08.01 Ch
Mastering the Job Interview, 4th Ed. 2007 Alexaner Chernev 50.08.01 Ch
MBTI Career Report User's Guide 2005 Allen L. Hammer 40.03.01 Ha
McKeachie's Teaching Tips, Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers 2002 Wilbert J. McKeachie 90.04.05 Mc
ME 2.0 Revised And Updated Edition 4 Steps to Building Your Future 2010 Dan Schawbel 50.09.02 Sc
Monster Careers: How to Land the Job of Your Life 2004 Jeff Taylor, Doug Hardy 50.03.00 Ta
Mrs Money Penny's Career Advice For Ambitious Women 2012 Mrs. Moneypenny with Heather McGregar 70.02.04 Mrs
Ms. Mentor's New and Ever More Impeccable Advice for Women and Men in Academia 2009 Emily Toth 90.04.00 To
My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned By Becoming a Student 2005 Rebekah Nathan 90.04.09 Na
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