A non-profit organization is a non-business entity that often focuses on advancing a cause or mission versus making a profit. Non-profits serve specific members or a local or global community at large. They provide benefit to or may play a role in a community as service providers, support providers, funders or advocacy organizations. Many have tax-exempt status (501 (c)), and are run by a membership team or board of directors.

Areas of Interest

The non-profit sector is a possible employer for any area of study because it is so diverse in both the types of organizations it encompasses and the range of missions it pursues; occupations in the not-for-profit sector exist for every field of interest. Non-profits are looking for individuals with the transferable skills that are needed to make their organizations competitive and relevant.

Research and Planning

You can investigate your options in the non-profit sector through some online resources:

  • California Career Zone
    Houses California-specific information on 900 jobs and 24 career families (not just non-profit) which can be especially helpful in looking at job market trends and training requirements that vary by state.
  • Nonprofit Career Network
  • Love To Know
    A large list of non-profit organizations categorized according to specific focus areas.



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