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Liberal Arts & Business Staff

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The Liberal Arts & Business Program Area is located on the second floor of South Hall. See information below about staff specialities and contact us directly at the email addresses provided.

Staff Member Biographies

Ken Barnes - the coordinator in charge of political, legal, and law enforcement internships. He is also the LA&B web developer.

Ken Barnes

Room 211, South Hall (530) 752-2011
Ken is the Coordinator for Government, law and legal internships and careers. E-mail him at:

To see Ken's bio, click here or on picture.
The Energetic Kay Nelson is in charge of education, counseling, human services, arts & humanities, social service and non-profits, and media and publishing related opportunities.

Kay Nelson

Room 219, South Hall (530) 752-1797
Kay is the Coordinator for education & counseling, human services, arts & humanities, social service and non-profits, and print media/publishing internships and careers. E-mail her at:
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Lisa Sanders - Kind, Courteous and Concerned! She is in charge of all business and finance opportunities.

Lisa Sanders

Room 209, South Hall (530) 752-6673
Lisa is the Coordinator for business internships and careers. She also does general advising in liberal arts.
E-mail her at:

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Elhum Zaker

Elhum Zaker

Room 223, South Hall
Elhum is a graduate student intern for the ICC center. She works in the LIberal Arts and Business program area. E-mail her at:

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Student Advisors: Our SUPERHEROES!

Liberal Arts & Business is also the home of four student advisors - our superheros! ICC Student Advisors are great resources for UCD students and alumni. They're trained in helping you find internships and career opportunities as well as many other things. Bring your resumes and cover letters in and they can help you polish them up; or if you don't have one, come in and see them and they'll help you get started. In addition, they have a lot of information that can help you in finding an internship or career that is right for you.

It is always advisable to speak with a Student Advisor specializing in your area of interest. However, all Student Advisors are trained in critiquing resumes. If you would like your resume critiqued and cannot make the scheduled time of your specific Student Advisor, visit one of our other Advisors - they are all eager and willing to help you. Read about our four superheros below and click on their bios for more information about their specialties.

Ravneet Kaur
Ravneet Kaur

Ravneet is a proud resident of the Bay Area and is currently a senior double majoring in Economics and International Relations. In addition to being a Liberal Arts and Business Peer Advisor/International Advisor, she is Vice President of Project Planning for Global Human Rights Brigade and has previously interned for the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research. This past summer, Ravneet interned in Washington, DC for a local Congressman and would be more than happy to talk about the UCDC program. She enjoys watching and (sometimes) playing basketball and soccer in her free time. As an advisor, Ravneet enjoys helping students improve their resumes and informing them of the numerous resources the ICC provides for all UCD students!
Bernadette Lagman
Bernadette Lagman

Welcome to the ICC! My name is Bernadette Lagman and I am a third year Economics major and Human Development minor. As an individual with a business background and a passion for healthcare, I aspire to someday explore the healthcare management field. Just this past year I interned at the UC Davis Health Education and Promotion Department and was also the Health Career Connection summer intern at Kaiser Permanente Regional Occupational Health. Like many adventurous college students, I plan to travel abroad and possibly study at the London School of Economics! Here at the ICC, we are more than happy to assist you with your own career journey whether it's starting with a Resume Boost or preparing for your next interview.
Eileen Li
Eileen Li

Hi! My name is Eileen, and I am a fourth year Human Development major with a minor in psychology. I love interacting with different people, and hope to participate in Camp Adventure or study abroad programs before I graduate. Currently, I am involved in the human development club on campus and intern at Peregrine Preschool whenever I can. Because I enjoy working with students, I am thinking of pursuing a teaching degree after graduation. Please stop by, and I will be happy to assist you with any resume and cover letter writing as well as any other questions regarding the Internship and Career Center.
Liann Tucker
Liann Tucker

Hello! My name is Liann and I am a second year sociology and linguistics double major. I love having opportunities to hear about people’s stories; where they come from, their passions, and their aspirations. Last year I interned for the Davis Feminist Film Festival, and hope to continue my involvement this year. After I graduate, my goal is to pursue a Ph.D. degree in sociology so that I can work in research at a university, and hopefully use my research to help people. Please feel free to stop by and talk to me if you need help with your resume, cover letter, or anything else concerning the Internship and Career Center.