Volunteer of the Month

Alex Dillabaugh

The CSRC would like to recognize Alex Dillabaugh as April's Volunteer of the Month for demonstrating outstanding service to our community!

Alex is the recently appointed Community Service Chairman of Sigma Chi and within a short time has managed to reinvigorate the brotherhood towards community service, so much so that through his leadership, Sigma Chi recently won the #1 spot in registered volunteers from last quarter's very successful Greek Weekend of Service.

"I kicked off my position as Community Service Chairmen with the Greek Weekend of Service. The brothers do regular volunteering at Challah for Hunger... We have also had brothers follow up and continue to volunteer at the Putah Creek restoration. But a goal that our chapter is now focusing on is to put together some of our own community service events that we feel will be impactful and beneficial to our community. I am currently collaborating with other Greek life to try to put on an event that would support either the homeless population or mentally handicapped population of Davis."

On behalf of the CSRC, thank you Alex for all the work that you and your organization has done to improve the Davis community!