Get Experience - Volunteering

  • Tree Davis

    Volunteers helped care for and plant trees in Davis.

  • Francis House

    Volunteers helped paint two non-profit headquarter offices.

  • Harper Jr High

    Volunteers weeded planter beds, planted seedlings, propagated seeds, fertilized and mulched.

  • River City Food Bank

    Volunteers helped food bank clients choose and bag their groceries.

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The Community Service Resource Center (CSRC), a program within the UC Davis Internship and Career Center, has a mission to connect campus members with the community at large. The CSRC is a resource for the UC Davis community that helps promote commitment and dedication to service. It is our overall goal to widen an ethic of service throughout Davis. We advocate service-based learning with the knowledge that making service a part of one’s life builds leadership, responsibility, and a better understanding of the needs of communities locally and abroad.

Through one-time opportunities and long-term commitments to international and local non-profits, Aggies are truly making a difference and we hope this commitment to community service continues to grow.

Finding an Opportunity

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