Health-Related Internships

Health-related internships are work-learning experiences in a professional health environment where students can explore career areas in the field of health, gain practical skills, and make industry contacts. These internships allow students to explore the various specialities related to human health. Students are guided, supervised, and evaluated by health industry professionals. At UC Davis, health-related internships require a minimum 4 hour time commitment per week, for a ten week duration.

How to Find Health-Related Internships

  • Health-Related Internships (HRI) online sign-up system - The ICC maintains a internship database and helps place students in over 2,500 health-related internships each year at over 160 internship sites located in the Yolo-Sacramento county region, including the UC Davis Medical Center, Sutter hospitals in Davis and Sacramento, dental, optometry, and physical therapy offices, nutrition sites, pharmacies, and more.
  • ICC email subscriptions - Join the weekly email list for Health and Biological Sciences for announcements about internship opportunities.
  • Develop your own internship - Many students create internship opportunities on their own, either online or by using networking connections. Consider getting involved at some of the organizations listed below:
    • CommuniCare Health Centers - A nonprofit organization of seven community clinics for Davis and surrounding areas. Visit their website to view the volunteer application.
    • Hospitals outside of Davis - Use this list to contact volunteer and/or auxillary departments at hospitals to inquire about internship and volunteer positions.
    • UCDSOM Student-Run Clinics - These local community clinics, sponsored by the UC Davis School of Medicine and operated by healthcare professionals and medical students, include the following:
      • Bayanihan Clinic
      • Clinica Tepati
      • Imani Clinic
      • Joan Viteri
      • Knight's Landing
      • Paul Hom Asian Clinic
      • Shifa Clinic
      • Willow Clinic
    • Shriner's Hospital for Children - This Sacramento-based hospital is owned by the charitable Shriner's organization and serves a pediatric patient population.

Remember: you may be eligible for Transcript Notation for these internships.

Other Information to Consider

  • Immunizations - All hospital internships require proof of immunizations. Learn more about common immunization requirements and begin preparing your immunization records early.
  • UCDHS shuttle information - Students with internships at the UC Davis Health System have the opportunity to utilize the intracampus shuttle that runs between UC Davis and UCDHS.
  • Transcript Notation - Many health-related internships qualify for transcript notation (TN). Learn more about the process of applying for TN.
  • Supervisor Transcript Notation Evaluation Form - If you are pursuing transcript notation for your health-related internship, your supervisor must complete an evaluation of your performance each quarter.