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A career position is commonly a full-time, paid position in your field of interest after completing your degree. We have compiled a list of search strategies and resources for finding a career position.

Job Search Checklist

There’s more to job hunting than sending out resumes and cover letters. To assess whether you are “ready to launch a job search,” check all the statements below that you have accomplished.

If you aren't sure how to accomplish some of these tasks, see an ICC adviser for help.

Accomplished? Job Search To-do List
Identified my strongest skills and abilities
Know and can articulate my best accomplishments
Have identified my interests and how they fit into my career goals
Know what I need to do to excel at a job
Understand my values and priorities
Have an achievable career objective
Understand what skills employers are seeking
Identified what skills I have to offer employers
Can clearly state to employers what I do well and enjoy doing
Have support (family, friends and mentors) for the job/career I want
Know how to use the internet to research occupations and employers
Can identify potential employers that I want to contact
Know how to do an informational interview
Know what to do at an Internship and Career Fair
Have developed a network of people that I can contact for referrals and job leads
Know how to market my internship and/or community service experience
Have secured at least three people to serve as references
Have cleaned up my social networking websites such as Facebook, etc .
Have prepared a resume and cover letter template and had them critiqued by the ICC
Have a strategy to deal with my weaknesses and liabilities
Have prepared potential answers to behavioral interview questions
Have secured appropriate interview clothes
Can follow up on job interviews
Have a strategy on how to negotiate salary and benefits

Adapted from Job Search and Career Checklists 101 Proven Time-Saving Checklists to Organize and Plan Your Career Search, JIST Works, 2005. pg. 86-87.