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The Design major is in the College of Letters and Science.

A great starting point when you are unsure what careers relate to your academic interests. Check out specific job titles, work places and links to related professional organizations:


The following are examples of locations where students in this major have completed internships in past years. If you're a student thinking about participating in an internship, this list is a great place to start your search.

Internship Sponsors
Fred T. Korematsu Elementary School
International House, Davis
Patwin Elementary School
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Solano Sports Physical Therapy
UC Davis Asian American Center on Disparities Research
UC Davis Cross Cultural Center
UC Davis Department of Asian American Studies
UC Davis Design Services
UC Davis Dining Services - Sustainability and Nutrition Office
UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC)
UC Davis Medical Center (UCDMC)
UC Davis Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
UC Davis Picnic Day
UC Davis School of Education
UC Davis Student Recruitment and Retention Center
UCDMC Pediatric Emergency Room

Graduating Class Demographics

The following are self-reported data from the Internship and Career Center's First Destination Survey (FDS). The FDS provides a snapshot of what students in this major do directly following graduation. In some instances, the sample size is too small to report reliable results.

Year Graduating Class Completed First Destination Survey Response Rate
2012-13 126 36 28.6%
2013-14 100 15 15.0%

Post-Graduation Endeavor

Some graduates immediately enter the workforce, whereas others pursue further education. Some have different plans entirely. The table below details what students in this major typically do following graduation.

Year Employed* Seeking Employment Attending Graduate School Other+
2012-13 37.1% 42.9% 2.9% 17.1%
2013-14 42.9% 50.0% 0.0% 7.1%
2014-15 50.0% 37.5% 6.3% 6.3%
2015-16 35.1% 46.8% 10.4% 7.8%
2016-17 40.9% 45.5% 13.6% 0.0%
* Employment includes having any job, not just a full-time career-related position.
+ Other endeavors typically include traveling or family obligations.


Of those students from this major who enter the workforce, the table below lists their employer and job title. This list is not exhaustive, and is just meant to provide basic guidance to upcoming graduates looking to enter the workforce. Check out this diverse list of jobs, and then use it to start your own search.

Companies Position
Argonaut US Drafter/Designer
Borden Lighting Inside Sales
Capitol Optometry Intern
CBS Radio Digital Content Coordinater
HeartFlow Case Analyst
Inflection Design Associate
Shirts For Greeks Account Manager
Spagnola and Associates Graphic Designer
Square Peg Design Designer
St. Patrick School Administrative Consultant
University of California, Davis Green Building Analyst
Visus, LLC Web Designer

Salary Summary Statistics

The table below presents the salary distribution for recent graduates who reported full-time employment in the FDS. Salaries vary widely by position type and geography. Thus, the numbers below are a rough guide to what graduates in this major can expect to make in a 'typical' entry-level position.

Year Mean Median
2012-13 $34,428 $28,000
2013-15 $43,285 $43,000
2015-16 $49,294 $43,000
2016-17 $40,800 $28,000