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Environmental Links

Environmental Employment Resources

In order to assist you in your internship and career searches, we have compiled a list of web sites related to environmental organizations including professional groups, job boards, and email lists. Remember, this is a sampling and by no means a definitive list! Talk to an advisor if you need more help getting started with researching your field of career interest.

Professional Organizations

Learn about career options in your field of study, peruse job boards, and get up to date information about upcoming conferences. Joining a professional organization expands your network and can help you to keep up with the latest news in your field. If you don't see something that matches your interest, we encourage you to do some research of your own. Professors and advisors in your field of interest can help lead you in the right direction.

Advancing the Science of Limnology and Oceanography
Air and Waste Management Association
American Fisheries Society
American Institute of Hydrology
American Meteorological Society
American Planning Association
California Association of Environmental Professionals
Ecological Society of America
Geological Society of America
International Association of Landscape Ecology
Mineralogical Society of America
National Association of Environmental Professionals
Premier Association for Environmental Health and Safety Management
Society for Conservation Biology
Society for Ecological Restoration International
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)
Society of Toxicology
Society of Wetland Scientists
Society Promoting Environmental Conservation
Soil Science Society of America
Wildlife Society
Wildlife Society Western Section
Still not finding what you're looking for? Click here for more categories and organizations.

Job Boards

Environmental related job boards with various affiliations- check back often for updates. Remember! While job boards can help you discover what opportunities are available, your network is your best resource for finding a job.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums
California Coastal Commission
Californians Against Waste
Conservation Job Board
Cyber Sierra’s Natural Resources Job Board
Directory of Environnmental Websites, 2013 Abridged Edition
Environmental Career
Environmental Career Opportunities
Environmental Careers Organization
Environmental Education
Environmental Expert
Environmental Health Perspectives
Environmental Jobs and Careers
Environmental Law and Policy Center
US Environmental Protection Agency
GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
Green Career Central
Green Jobs
Green Dream Jobs
National Council for Science and the Environment
National Wildlife Federation
Nature Conservancy
Outdoor Action Guide to Environmental Careers
People and Planet
Planning and Conservation League
Planning and Development Network
Student Conservation Association
Tree Huggers
Women's Environmental Council
World Directory of Environmental Organizations

List Servs

These are managed by various professional organizations and universities. If you don't already feel overwhelmed by your inbox, signing up for relevant emails can give you inside information about current issues in your field and upcoming job opportunuties. Instructions on how to add yourself to these lists can be found below. **The ICC does not control any of the following email lists; if you experience problems with any of them, contact the appropriate list owners.**

Amphibian Monitoring
Bird Jobs
Canadian Unified Student Environmental Network
Carnivore (TWS)
Conservation Biology (TWS)
Dead Wood Listserver
Discussion of Environmental Finance Issues
Discussion of Environmental History
Eastern Ontario Environmental Education Action
Ecological Economics
Ecological Society of America
Ecology ( University of Maryland)
Educational Institution Networks
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Health System
Environmental Investment Priorities in Asia
Environmental Jobs (Harvard)
Environmental Jobs (UN Environmental Program)
Environmental Jobs List
Environmental jobs/internships ( George Washington University)
Environmental Law
Environmental Studies
Environmental Topics
Environmentally Responsible Tourism
Facilities and Services Discussion List
Fish and Wildlife Information Management (FWIM):
Forum for Discussion of Ecological Theology
Herp Digest
Human Dimensions of Wildlife
List for Environmental Information
NATO Science Programme
Natural Literacy
New BirdHawk
Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Ornithology ( University of Arkansas)
Regional Development
Sierra Club
South Florida Environmental Reader
The Energy and Climate Information Exchange
The Institute for the Environment
The Wildlife Society (TWS)
Western Section Members Yahoo Group Announcement List (TWSWSMembers)
Western Section of The Wildlife Society (TWS/WS)
Wildlife Damage

BirdJobs-L: an electronic bulletin board about employment opportunities in ornithology

BirdJobs-L is an electronic bulletin board established by Dr. Kevin McGowan at Cornell University. By signing on to this bulletin board, list members can receive the jobs listing maintained in association with the Ornithological Newsletter directly by e-mail.

BirdJobs-L is controlled by a listserver, at:

To subscribe to BirdJobs-L, send the following message to the listserver address above: subscribe BirdJobs-L "your name" inserting your name, without the quotes. Leave the Subject line of your message blank.

Once you have sent your subscription message, you should receive an e-mail reply acknowledging your addition to the subscription list, and giving you furether instructions about the operation of the list.

To unsubscribe to BirdJobs-L, send the following message to unsubscribe BirdJobs-L

Canadian Unified Student Environmental NetworkCUSEN-L

Please subscribe to

Description: List talks about Canadian and Northern America student concerns in reference to the environment.

  • Carnivore: Send the command "subscribe carnivore-l firstname lastname" to:

Conservation Jobs (CONS-JOBS) subscribe CONS-JOBS firstname lastname send to

  • Dead Wood Listserver: The TWS Western Section sponsored a symposium entitled "The Ecology and Management of Dead Wood in Western Forests" in November 1999. The target audience was all resource professionals working in timbered environments. An outcome of that event was the need to promote 1) a greater understanding of the topic, 2) meaningful research, monitoring, and reporting, 3) discussions regarding management objectives, and 4) a new synthesis on dead wood management. An important tool in achieving these ends is the creation of a list-serve to support these discussions, an effort which was supported by many of the attendees. The Western Section is pleased to announce that the listserver has been established. To join, send an e-mail to or go to

Discussion of Environmental Finance IssuesECO-FUND

Please subscribe to listserv@umdd.bitnet

Description: The list topic of discussion is on environmental finance and how it directly relates to the future among other topics of discussion.

Discussion of Environmental HistoryASEH-L

Please subscribe to

Description: Environmental history is the study of human interaction with the environment in the past. The list, reflecting the field, is highly interdisciplinary in membership and discussion content. Observers as well as active participants are welcome: this is a public forum.

Eastern Ontario Environmental Education ActionEEACT-L

Please subscribe to

Description: Talk includes mostly discussion on Ontario based environmental education, but is open to anyone to join in and share ideas.

Ecological EconomicsEcol-Econ

Please subscribe to

Description:The Ecol-Econ list is founded on the idea that it is necessary to have major change in the way we think about economics if we intend to make a credible responce to the environmental threats to the planet. The list is to create discussion around alternatives to the prevailing economic paradigms, whether Marxist or noeclassical. This is an invitaiton to join persons of similar intent for creative intellectual work and to create more rapid change in economic thought.

· Ecological Society of America listserv on grants, jobs, and news. Subscribe to: Command: subscribe ECOLOG-L (firstname lastname)


You can subscribe to the list serv via their website or via email:

send an email message to LISTSERV@UMDD.UMD.EDU with a message in the body of the email reading

subscribe Ecolog-L your_name

Ecology: Go to

Educational Institution NetworksFORSUM-L

Please subscribe to

Description: The Alliance for Environmental Education is working with the US Department of Education and the White House. A group of environmental education will review White House briefings, summit transcripts and post-summit follow-up materials which will be made available electronically by the Administration.

Environmental Engineering ENVENG-L

Please subscribe to

Description: The ENVENG-L list has been created to serve as a medium of communications for those interested in education, research and professional practice of environmental engineering. Environmental engineering topics will encompass the entire field, including water and wastewater treatement, air pollution control, solid waste management, and radioactive waste treatement.

Environmental Ethicsenviroethics

Please subscribe to

Description: The list "enviroethics" is a forum for academic discussion of environmental ethics and philosophy. Topics for discussion range from value theory to applied eithics in an environmental context. The list is open to anyone with an academic interest in environmental ethics and contributions from those in a range of disciplines as well as philosophy are welcome.

Environmental Health System EHS-L

Please subscribe to listserv@albnydh2.bitnet

Description: List supported by EHS.

Environmental Investment Priorities in AsiaBiovest

Please subscribe to

Description: Talk about environmental investments in the asian economical sphere.

Environmental Jobs (ENVJOBS-L)

subscribe ENVJOBS-l firstname lastname

Send to

· Environmental Jobs: A moderated discussion group to which one can submit both employment information and curriculum vitae or resume in search of employment. Provides updates on employment opportunities (jobs, fellowships, etc.) in the environmental sector. Subscribe to: Command: subscribe EnvJobs-L (your name) in the body of the e-mail and leave the "Subject:" line blank.

· The Environmental Jobs List provides subscribers with updates on employment opportunities (jobs, fellowships, etc.) within the environmental sector. Subscribe to: Command: subscribe envjobs-l (firstname lastname)

· Environmental jobs/internships. Subscribe to: Command: subscribe ENVJOBS (firstname lastname)

Environmental Lawenv.seashepherd

Please subscribe to

Description: The env.seashepherd Dea Shepherd conservation Society Mailing list was created as an information collection and distribution source for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It is a bidirectional list and numerous environmental topics are discussed, including marine issues, SSCS, activism, etc. The SSCS is the only environmental organization who's main focus is the enforcement of international conservation law.

Environmental StudiesENVST-L

Please subscribe to

Description: The purpose of this list is to exchange information about Environmental Studies (ES) programs, generally --about course designs, successful student projects, improvement information sources, etc. They invite all who have a serious interest in ES at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some topics that might be of interest are: the balance between science/social science/humanitities in their degrees.

Environmental TopicsInfoterra

Please subscribe to

Description: The Stockhom Conference on the Human Environment, convened by the United Nations in 1972 to consider the condition of the environment, called for an international mechanism for the exchange of environemntal information. The result was The International Referral System (IRS), later renamed INFOTERRA, The Global Environmental Information Exchange Network, established in 1975 by a decision of the third session of the Governing Council of UNEP.

Environmentally Responsible

Please subscribe to

Description: The Association for Progressive Computing (APC) conference >< is alive and well. If you are interested in environmentally and culturally responsible, or sustainable, tourism, essentially the greening of the travel industry, you are invited to participate.

Facilities and Services Discussion ListFACSER-L

Please subscribe to

Description: This list is for the discussion of topics related to facilities and services, including: Physical plan operations, transportation, environmental health and safety, and facilities utilization.

  • Fish and Wildlife Information Management (FWIM): Send the command "subscribe fwim-l firstname lastname" to:

A Forum for Discussion of Ecological TheologyECOTHEOL

Please subscribe to

Description: The goal of the list is to enable academic discussion of environmental issues from a theological or ethical perspective. Open to all traditions, contributions are welcome from those in other disciplines, including philosphy and the social sciences. Archives of ECOTHEOL mail items are kept in monthly files. You may obtain a list of files in the archives by sending the comand INDEX ECOTHEOL in the body of e-mail to them.

  • Herp Digest: Send e-mail to requesting to be added to the subscription list. Provide your name and email address, optionally adding your title, affiliation, and phone number, area of interest, and whether you wish to make yourself available by e-mail to answer questions from other scientists or activists. (Any information collected from subscribers is for the sole use of HerpDigest�. HerpDigest� will never sell your name or e-mail address without your permission.

List for Environmental Information ENVINF-L

Please subscribe to

Description: List that is based on helping educate people about the environment and how to get the information they may be needing.

NATO Science ProgrammeNATOSCI

Please subscribe to

Description: In addition to the information on various topics through NATA, they will also make information on the NATO Science Programme and the Environmental projects of the CCMS (Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society). Updates will be posted on an occasional basis.

Natural LiteracyNATLIT-L

Please subscribe to

Description: The NATLIT-L (Natural Literancy) list is founded for the purpose of discussing books and other resource materials (tapes, software, and artwork) pertaining to nature, environmental science and outdoor activities. This can include good books on environmental education, environmental law, resource management, meteorology, plant and animal identification, and mountaineering, bicycling or backpacking guidebooks.

Occupational and Environmental MedicineOcc-Env-Med-L

Please subscribe to

Description: Occupational & Environmental medicine represents a growing clinical and public health discipline, seeking to evaluate and prevent the diseases and health effects that may be related to exposure at work and from other environments (eg pollution).

Ornithology (ORNITH-L)

subscribe ORNITH-L firstname last name

send to

Regional DevelopmentCERRO-L

Please subscribe to

Description: CERRO-L is a new list discussing issues of relevance to regional development and regional development research in Central Europe. CERRO-L discusses topics from a broad range of related disciplines: regional science, economic geography, regional and urban planning, evnironmental economics, regional sociology, policy analysis, regional political economy and institutions, etc. It is the interntion of CERRO-L to stimulate and support regional research in and about " Central Europe."


Please subscribe to

Description: Mailing list for people interested in the various environmental, health and safety issues and problems on college and university campuses.

Sierra Club 931ROWE

Please subscribe to

Description: Discussion of environmental topics with a focus on the Sierra Club's campaigns, news and outings.

South Florida Environmental ReaderSFER-L

Please subscribe to

Description: Environmental issues related to South Florida.

The Energy and Climate Information Exchangeecixfiles

Please subscribe to

Description: The Energy and Climate Information Exchange (ECIX) is a project on EconNet aimed at educating the environmental community and the general public on the potiential of energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels and their contribution to climate change. ECIX now offers as a public service the distribution of files pertaining to energy and climate change. They accept files electronically submitted by those who wish to share information, advertise their existence.

The Institute for the Environment greengrp

Please subscribe to the listserv at
enter text "Subscribe GREENGRP [your first and last name]" in the message.

Description: The list deals with the Institute for the Environment, Green University, The George Washington Univiersity, and its partners along with environmental issues for this and other universities. The list also includes a weekly calander of events and special announcements.

  • Western Section of The Wildlife Society (TWS/WS): The Western Section has created a listserver intended for the discussion of wildlife issues within the geographic areas included in the Western Section. The list will not be moderated and subscribers are free to discuss any wildlife-related topics they wish. To subscribe, send the command "subscribe tws-westdomo" to: In case you've already subscribed to the listserver but forgotten the address for postings to the list, the address is To unsubscribe, send the command "unsubscribe tws-westdomo" to:

  • Western Section Members Yahoo Group Announcement List (TWSWSMembers): The Western Section has created a Yahoo Group ( intended for distributing announcements of Section sponsored workshops, conferences and training and other official news and information related to the Western Section. Other events and announcements not sponsored by the Western Section may be sent if determined relevant to the majority of our members. Job announcements will not be sent to this list. The list is moderated (only Executive Board members may post to the list) and all new and renewing members are automatically added to this list. The list is also open to past members and others interested in Western Section news. The Executive Board will also use the list to post any time-sensitive news items that can't wait until the next newsletter. You can manage your subscription at the Group site or to subscribe, send a blank email to: and to unsubscribe, send a blank email to: Please note that if you are a current member and you unsubscribe, you will miss out on announcments of upcoming workshops, notice of availability of the electronic newsletter, and other important Section news.

Wildlife Damage: Send the command "subscribe wdamage firstname lastname" to:

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