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Careers In Accounting

Professionals from the accounting world will share practical tips about the leadership skills and professional training needed to successfully break into the accounting field.

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CPA Resource Sheet

Brian Buchholz Brian Buchholz
Google, Sr. Process Compliance Specialist
UC Davis Alumnus, B.A. in Economics, Minor is Stats

Fernando Castro Fernando Castro
Tax Franchise Board, Audits Recruiter

Jeff Dale Jeff Dale
Arroway Professional Services,Consultant/President/Business Owner

Gina Chimielewski Gina Chimielewski
Farm Credit Administration, Associate Examiner
UC Davis Alumnus, B.S. in Managerial Economics

Kevin Yeung Kevin Yeung
Deloitte, 08 Summer intern
Deloitte, Tax Accountant after June 09 graduation
B.S. in Managerial Economics

Video Length: 1:30 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC

Prompted Question 01: Were there pivotal experiences, internships, research, things that you did in your undergraduate career that helped you to move into the general career of accounting?
Video Length: 7:43 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC

Prompted Question 02: What are some of those entry level positions both in your companies and in the accounting field more broadly?
Video Length: 8:19 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC

Prompted Question 03: What really are those leadership skills that are essential to have success in the field that students of UC Davis could really work to develop over their time here?
Video Length: 5:28 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC
Q & A 01: What did you specifically do in order to get involved and get some experience in accounting?
Video Length: 3:29 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC

Q & A 02: When do you recommend taking the CPA tests? During college, straight out of college or getting work experience first?
Video Length: 4:34 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC

Q & A 03: How do I satisfy the requirements for the CPA tests while a student at UC Davis? What prepares you for working at a Public Accounting Firm?
Video Length: 3:29 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC

Q & A 04: How do recruiters view a Master's in Accounting, CPA, MBA or other accreditations? Which will make me the most competitive in the accounting field?
Video Length: 4:49 mins
Video Format: WIN | MAC