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Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning

Help for UCD Majors: Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning

How can governments and private agencies foster a healthy balance between economic and community development and environmental preservation and restoration? Crafting thoughtful policies to meet these seemingly conflicting goals is the focus of the major in environmental policy analysis and planning. Students in this major receive substantial training in areas of environmental law and community planning. Issues of resource quality, pollution, energy use and recreational policy are all addressed by EPAP majors.

Graduates have found jobs as urban planners, environmental planner/analysts, planning consultants (urban or environmental), energy economists, energy policy analysts, recycling analysts, hazardous waste management analysts, transportation planners, environmental impact analysts, and water quality analysts.

Major Advisor

Name: Kim Mahoney
Contact:, (530) 752-7183

Below are some links providing career ideas specific to Environmental Policy Analysys and Planning Majors:

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  2. California Career Zone Industry Sector for Business and Financial Occupations
  3. California Career Zone Industry Sector for Community and Social Services
  4. California Career Zone Industry Sector for Education, Training, and Library
  5. California Career Zone Industry Sector for Legal Occupations
  6. California Career Zone Industry Sector for Life, Physical, and Social Science
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  9. O*Net - The California Career Education Technical Crosswalk

Student Organizations

  • Environmental Club (The) ( - The purpose of the Environmental Club at UC Davis is to meet other students with similar interests and to stay informed about environmental issues. The club also encourages interaction with the local environment through outdoor activities and conservation service projects.
  • Environmental Law & Policy Journal - Environs is a biannual environmental law and policy journal edited and produced by King Hall students. The journal supports an open forum for the discussion of current environmental issues and publishes articles from professors, practitioners, and students.
  • Environmental Law Society (ELS) - ELS provides a forum for environmental information and networking. The members attend community events, regional conferences, and discuss pending legislation. We network with the professional community for support, guidance, and information about the environmental practice arena. Students are encouraged to explore their interests in a variety of environmental and natural resource issues. To further sculpt student interests, ELS hosts an annual Environmental Law Conference with which we bring speakers and practitioners to discuss current areas of law. ELS also supports Environs, the Journal of Environmental Law and Policy at King Hall.
  • Environmental Toxicology Club (ETOX) ( - The Environmental Toxicology Club is a social and educational organization sponsored by the Department of Environmental Toxicology at UC Davis. The club welcomes all students interested in the environmental sciences, regardless or major. In addition to meetings and social and service activities, the club sponsors events for students to learn about environmental toxicology and to interact with faculty and alums. The club also provides a forum for students to learn about job and internship opportunities and to participate in career development workshops.
  • International Relations Student Associatiion (IRSA) - IRSA provides information for those interested in international affairs. They create a sense of solidarity within international studies, acting as a council exposing students to various opportunities and helping them to explore new interests. They aim to foster cultural, environmental, political, and economic communication within the international arena.

Professional Organizations